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Pâslaru Vlad, doctor habilitat, professorPâslaru Vlad, doctor habilitat, professor

Institution:Institute of Education Sciences
Adviser Number:13 December, 2005, nr.241
Specialties: 13.00.01 - General Pedagogics
13.00.02 - Theory and Methodology of Instruction (on disciplines)

Thesis under consideration [2]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Defence date
D The formation of professional and applied competencies among students of the «Primary Education» profile in the content of the course «Moldavian national mobile games» 13.00.04 The State University of P... reviewer
Manolachi Victor
DH Management of Global Education Theory and Technology in a Diversity of Learning Environments 13.00.09 USPEE reviewer
Rudic Gheorghe

Approved theses [15]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Approval date
D Interaction of the methodologies of literary-artistic and musical education in the formation of the artistic-aesthetic culture of primary school pupils 13.00.02 Alecu Russo Balty State U... consultant
Gagim Ion
D The development of literary-artistic axiology of students in the context of studying texts of foreign literatures 13.00.03 Chisinau Pedagogical Stat... adviser 25.01.2019
DH The regularities of the formation of rhythm of professional pedagogical activity of the specialist in physical culture 13.00.04 The State University of P... consultant 23.11.2018
DH The methodology of literary-artistic education of pupils 13.00.02 Chisinau Pedagogical Stat... consultant 05.07.2016
D Written language formation at the physical education and sport faculty students 13.00.04 The State University of P... adviser
Danail Sergiu
D The integralisation of ecological consciousness of high school students 13.00.01 Institute of Education S... adviser 24.02.2011
D The development of literary-artistic competencies of students in an intercultural context of elementary vocational training 13.00.01 Institute of Education S... adviser 24.02.2011
D Methodology of the students’ reception of time and space in painting. 13.00.02 Chisinau Pedagogical Stat... adviser
Barbas Eleonora
D Evaluating pupil’s communicative/literary knowledge by means of docimological tests 13.00.01 adviser 01.10.2009
D Formation of professional language at students within Medical College 13.00.01 adviser 28.02.2008
D Conceptualizing The Assessment of Pupils’ Communicative And Literary Skills 13.00.01 adviser 28.09.2006
D Psycho-pedagogical foundations of counseling and school orientation in high-school education in the context of linguistic and literary education 13.00.01 adviser 22.12.2005
D The reseach Sociological approach of the national-universal relationship in the education of the youth in the context of the Romanian Language and Literature subject 13.00.01 adviser 22.12.2005
D Sociologia perceperii valorilor literar-artistice româneşti de către elevii alolingvi din R. Moldova 13.00.01 adviser 23.06.2005
DH Fundamentele psihopedagogice şi muzicologice ale educaţiei muzicale 13.00.01 consultant 14.10.2004