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CNAA / Theses / 2012 / June /

The environmental law reports

Author: Nicolau Ingrid-Ileana
Degree:doctor of law
Speciality: 12.00.02 - Public Law (with specification: Constitutional, Administrative, Police, Military, Financial, Customs, Information, Ecological); Organization and Functioning of Law Institutions
Scientific adviser: Ştefan Belecciu
doctor, associate professor (docent), Academy "Stefan cel Mare" of Ministry of Internal Affaires
Institution: Academy "Stefan cel Mare" of Ministry of Internal Affaires


The thesis was presented on the 28 June, 2012
Approved by NCAA on the 20 December, 2012


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environmental law reports, subjects of the ecological law reports, object of the environmental law reports, the environmental contract, the environmental law, ecological obligations and environmental law reports responsibility, benefits reports from operation of natural resources, environmental public reports and environmental reports of private interest


Structure: introduction, four chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography consists of 149 sources, basic text volume is 146 pages. The results are published in 13 papers.

Field studies of the thesis concerns the legal environmental report (ecological).

Purpose and objectives of the work lies in studying the doctrinal concepts and principles aimed at achieving conditions for environmental reports, analyze legislation in the context of the rapidly evolving legal regimes previously unknown, respectively, and new categories of principles and rules open for research, disclosed and included in national legal science movement.

Novelty and scientific originality includes a number of proposals and formulations which complete the legal science and practice of ecological law reports. Specifically identified and scientifically substantiated some new categories of specific rules which apply to environmental law. Also, the idea was made to impose specific contract relations ecological spectrum revealed a new environmental law reports, in which literature has not yet reference. The work is characterized by analyzing the doctrinal concepts and scientific theses that can be detached from this used improvement and development of indigenous legal doctrine, the development of new legal regulations, in the training course, “Environmental Law”.

Theoretical significance and applied value of the work. The conclusions and recommendations contained in the sentence will allow certain directions in science, law and practice. This in turn will lead to revision of the traditional view of ecological reports. Besides the fact that in theory and practice will outline a clear idea about specific environmental reports, as part of a separate branch, it will form a first step in the consecration of a difference in the procedure for examining complaints related to environmental issues and disputes which concern the environmental damage.

Implementation of scientific results. Results of work are implemented in the training of students of the Faculty of Law, Security and Public Order Department, Institute of Continuing Training and Applied Scientific Research of the Academy “Ştefan cel Mare” of MAI. They also found their reflection in the training and ongoing development works in the Faculty of Law, University “Spiru Haret” from Constanta, Romania.