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Fauna, ecology and biocenotic significance of staphylinid species (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) in Moldova

Author: Mihailov Irina
Degree:doctor of biology
Speciality: 03.00.09 - Entomology
Scientific adviser: Valeriu Derjanschi
doctor habilitat, professor, Institute of Zoology, Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Institution: Institute of Zoology, Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Scientific council: DH 06-03.00.18
Institute of Zoology, Academy of Sciences of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 14 December, 2012
Approved by NCAA on the 14 June, 2013


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Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, diversity, natural ecosystems, agrobiocenoses


The consisted of: introduction, four chapters, conclusions, recommendations, 203 references, 2 appendices, 125 pages, 25 tables, 32 figures. The research results were published in 18 scientific papers.

Field of study: 03.00.09 – entomology.

Purpose: to stress the current status of the Staphylinidae family and its role in the natural ecosystems and agrobiocenoses of Moldova.

Objectives: to identify the staphylinid species composition and distribution in the main biocenoses of Moldova; to determine the association of the rove beetles to the main zoogeographical groups and their distribution in different habitats; to estimate the ecological significance of staphylinid species of the natural ecosystems and agrobiocenoses; to prepare the annotated list.

Scientific innovation and originality. For the first time it was conducted a polyvalent study of the Staphylinidae family, compiled the species list of Moldova (296 species), including one subfamily (Proteininae), 17 genera and 60 species are new for the country’s fauna. It was carried out zoogeographical analysis and established biotope distribution, vital forms and trophic spectrum of the rove beetles occurred in the native fauna. It was monitored the dynamics of the seasonal flight to the white and ultraviolet light trap of a number of 35 staphylinid species.

The scientific problem is to determine the faunal composition, ecology and structure features of the staphylinid communities in natural ecosystems and agrobiocenoses. Theoretical significance. The study results regarding fauna, ecology and biocenotic significance of the staphylinids have an important contribution to the taxonomic knowledge of this specific group of beetles from Moldova. Information about species recorded for the first time in Moldova’s fauna has a significant contribution to actualize the European databases.

Practical importance. The major findings of this thesis are part of the fundamental and applicative scientific research topic of the Institute of Zoology of ASM. The conducted investigations will improve the theoretical and empirical heritage in terms of fauna diversity, spatial structure, trophic spectrum and dynamic range of staphylinids in natural ecosystems and agrobiocenoses.

Implementation of scientific results. Data about entomophagous staphylinid species are used in a certain number of courses at agro-ecological specialties of the State Agrarian University of Moldova. The results are used in elaborating and editing the third edition of the Red Book of Moldova.