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Collembola (Hexapoda) from the Republic of Moldova: taxonomy, diversity, zoogeography and ecology

Author: Buşmachiu Galina
Degree:doctor habilitat of biology
Speciality: 03.00.08 - Zoology
Scientific consultant: Ion Toderaş
doctor habilitat, professor, Institute of Zoology of the ASM
Institution: Institute of Zoology of the ASM
Scientific council: D 06-03.00.08
Institute of Zoology of the ASM


The thesis was presented on the 20 December, 2012
Approved by NCAA on the 14 June, 2013


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CZU 595.7+591.9(478)(043.3)

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278 pages


Collembola, taxa, new species, diversity, classification, zoogeography, ecology, importance, barcoding, phylogeny


Collembola (Hexapoda) from the Republic of Moldova: taxonomy, diversity, zoogeography and ecology”. Dissertation of doctor habilitate in biology. Chișinău, 2012. Dissertation includes the original results of the study and consists of introduction, 6 chapters, general conclusions and practical recommendations. The thesis contains 193 pages, 532 bibliographic sources, 3 annexes, 47 figures and 22 tables. The results of scientific research were published in 83 papers. Key words: Collembola, taxa, new species, diversity, classification, zoogeography, ecology, importance, barcoding, phylogeny. Field of study: 03.00.08 - Zoology. Aim of the work: identification of the current status, composition, structure, distribution, taxonomic diversity and phylogeny of Collembola from the Republic of Moldova, ecological and zoogeographical affinities, phylogenetic relationships between native and European species Objectives: systematization of information on species diversity of Collembola, taxonomic inventory and compiling an annotated list; the study of collembolan complexes from different ecosystems, identification of rare species; zoogeographical and ecological studies; taxonomic analysis and adaptation of scheme classification in accordance with modern research results; cladistic analysis and phylogenetic study of Moldavian collembolan species; the importance of Collembola as a component of biodiversity and their role in ecosystem functioning. Scientific originality of the work: the dissertation includes the original research conducted on 234 collembolan species, belonging to 91 genus and 18 families. Three families, 47 genera and 119 species are new for the fauna of the Republic of Moldova between them 12 species were described as new for science. For the first time a new concept of collembolan classification has been adapted to species for the country. Also the first checklist of Collembola was published. The phylogenetic relationships within collembolans in general and those of the genus Pseudosinella in particular were conducted and the key of species identification were done. As result of barcoded collembolan species from the Republic of Moldova were validate new described species, where cladistic analyses were revealed the relationships between the taxon of the country. The mitochondrial sequences of cryptic species Parisotoma notabilis confirms the presence of 4 evolutionary separate lineages existing in the Palearctic. Results fundamentally new for science and practice: consist on inventory of collembolan species from the country, identification of 3 families, 47 genera and 107 species new for country, description of 12 new species for science included in „Fauna Europaea”, ecological and zoogeographical analysis of the studied group, performed phylogenetic study based on the results of molecular analyses of collembolan species from the Republic of Moldova as part of European fauna. Theoretical significance and practical value: the results of conducted scientific research expand significantly the knowledge about the fauna, ecology, phylogeny, and the importance of Collembola for ecosystems. The main results of the research are part of international sites, included in the country's national treasure and will contribute significantly to increasing theoretical and practical knowledge in the studied field. Implementation of the scientific result: the results of scientific research are part of the international site „Fauna Europaea”, „Living National Treasure” și „BOLD System” and included in the volume I „Invertebrate” of the „Lumea animală a Moldovei”, books and reports of reserves „Codrii” and „Plaiul Fagului”, third edition of Red Books of the Republic of Moldova.