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Public finance and the impact of public spending on the national economy

Author: Chirnoagă Carmen
Degree:doctor of economics
Speciality: 08.00.10 - Finance; Monetary Economics; Credit
Scientific adviser: Tatiana Manole
doctor habilitat, professor, Technical University of Moldova
Institution: Moldova State University
Scientific council: DH 30-08.00.10-18.06.09
Moldova State University


The thesis was presented on the 6 April, 2012
Approved by NCAA on the 9 October, 2012


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financial flows, financial integration, general consolidated budget, financial autonomy, shared taxes, dihotomizare, the international financial crisis, financial resources, balance of payments, balance of compensatory payments, relationalsystem, decentralization


Thesis structure: introduction, three chapters, conclusions and recommendations, bibliography of 177 sources, 170 pages of text, 11 annexes, 48 figures, 64 formulas and 16 tables. The obtained results are published in 10 scientific journals, 3.68 c.a.

Field of study: monetary financial credit.

Thesis purpose and objective: Identifying the optimum and efficient elements of public spending for the purpose of economic growth. Success is based on determining the objectives that are needed for stabilizing the role fiscal policies, as an instrument of realizing economic equilibrium through the function of allocating, distributing and stabilization. Elaborating the concept of efficiency and effectiveness in the public sector and implementing the analytical European mathematical models of economic growth.

Scientific novelty and originality: Developing the concept of public finance in the international economic context, identifying dihotomizare conceptas an expression of financial autonomy. Synthesizing the challenging concept of shared taxes as part of tax reform.Applying the optimization models and streamlining the application of the financial equilibrium model in Romania.

The major scientific problem solved lies in its proposal and justification of economically on the way of achieving financial balance the budget example general consolidated, the ultimate aim is economic growth scientific analysis of financial flows through treasury finance can be put to the implementation of the programme of reform and restructuring the economy, the conditions under which public finances will be required to enhance the role and functions relating to management.

The commitment and more efficient use of public money that a solution to financial crisis facing most countries developed.

Theoretical significance: The discovered findings and conclusions form the theoretical elements of methodology for future scientific investigations. However, the thesis may be proposed as bibliographical reference in the teaching of higher economical education institutions. The practical value of the dissertation: resulting from exposed recommendations, whose implementation will enhance efficiency public money, including through mathematical models of the economic growth. Implementation of scientific results: some recommendations developed in this paper were accepted for implementation in the county and local government activity, as well as under graduate and postgraduate study courses.