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Platon Carolina, doctor habilitat, professorPlaton Carolina, doctor habilitat, professor

Institution:Moldova State University
Adviser Number:5 October, 2011, nr.1292
Specialties: 13.00.01 - General Pedagogics
19.00.01 - General Psychology

Thesis under consideration [2]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Defence date
D Psycho-pedagogical landmarks for the development of learning motivation at Arab high schools in Israel 13.00.01 USM adviser 22.12.2021
D Theoretical and methodological benchmarks of diminishing aggression of arab studentsin high schools in Israel 13.00.01 USM CSS president
Bodrug-Lungu Valentina

Approved theses [10]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Approval date
D Particularities of academic anxiety interaction – cognitive styles to students 19.00.01 Nicolae Testemitanu State... adviser 23.11.2018
D The role of the personal resources contributing to the maintenance of the work engagement among teachers 19.00.01 USM adviser 11.05.2018
D The psychopedagogical conditions and methods for kindergarten children's adjustment to elementary school in Israel 13.00.01 USM adviser 06.10.2016
D “Interconnections between appreciative style and psychological control for young people 19.00.01 USM adviser 25.02.2016
D Peculiarities of self-esteem interaction - the youth expectancy level 19.00.01 USM adviser 25.02.2016
D Burnout syndrome at the university teachers from the gender perspective 19.00.01 USM adviser 07.10.2015
D Psychodiagnosis of Personality Disorders Using the Electronic System for Diagnosis Assistance 19.00.01 USM adviser 22.12.2011
D Psychological guide marks of the teachers’ in the pre university system of learning assessing 13.00.01 USM adviser 08.07.2011
D Psychological Peculiarities of Middle-Aged Women’s Self-actualization 19.00.01 USM adviser 05.07.2010
D Gender differences in depression during adolescence 19.00.07 adviser 17.04.2008