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Theses – Engineering, 2021

Elaborated theses [11]

Gr Title Approval date
D Adaptive hardware architectures for neuro-fuzzy systems with self-organization 26.02.2021
05.13.13 - Computers, computational systems and networks
D Food compositions based on walnut oil (Juglans regia L.) resistant to oxidative degradation 26.02.2021
05.18.01 - Technology of food products (with specification of products and procedures)
D Promoting the use of gaseous biofuels in the Republic of Moldova. 26.02.2021
05.14.01 - General power engineering, power systems
D Argumentation of the operating regimes and of the constructive-technological parameters of the automated ecological installation with natural and artificial cold for milk cooling 26.02.2021
05.20.02 - Electrification and Automation of Agriculture
D Increasing operational efficiency of the seeder distribution system for cereal crops 30.07.2021
05.20.02 - Electrification and Automation of Agriculture
D Application of informational systems in the operation and optimization of biological wastewater treatment plants (SCADA) 30.07.2021
05.23.04 - Water Supply, Sewerage System Construction, Water Resources Protection Systems
D Argumentation of production and protection of classic sparkling wines with the designation of origin CRICOVA 30.07.2021
05.18.21 - Control and certifying of food products
DH Obtaining and stabilizing dyes, antioxidants and preservatives of plant origin for functional foods, dissertation of PhD habilitatus of engineering sciences 30.07.2021
05.18.03 - Technology of storage and processing of vegetable products
D The Use of the Power Transformers for the Regulation of the Power System Operation 22.12.2021
05.14.01 - General power engineering, power systems
D Study of Flexible Interconnecting Mains Based on Transformer Frequency Converters 22.12.2021
05.14.02 - Electrical power stations (electric parts), networks, electric power systems and their control
D The electromechanical systems development of metal wires industry. 22.12.2021
05.09.01 - Electromechanics, electric machines, electric drive systems, electrical devices and equipment