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Theses, that satisfy given criteria:
Nr. Dg Title Domain Specialty Approval date
1. D Lie algebras and invariants for differential systems with projections on some mathematical modelphysics and mathematics 01.01.02 23.11.2018
2. D Decision support on small size passive samplesphysics and mathematics 01.05.04 11.05.2018
3. D Analytic geometry of homogeneous spacesphysics and mathematics 01.01.04 11.05.2018
4. D Cubic systems of differential equations with two and three invariant straight lines of maximal multiplicityphysics and mathematics 01.01.02 11.05.2018
5. D Polling models with priorities, semi-Markov vacations and exhaustive servicephysics and mathematics 01.01.09 31.05.2017
6. D Mathematical modeling of informational traffic and seaport activityphysics and mathematics 01.01.09 16.02.2017
7. D Mathematical models and numerical algorithms for the efficient activity of Constanța Sea Portphysics and mathematics 01.01.09 16.02.2017
8. D Human actions recognition with modular neural networksphysics and mathematics 01.05.04 28.12.2016
9. D Design of intelligent control based on soft and quantum computing of autonomous robotphysics and mathematics 01.05.04 05.07.2016
10. D Cubic differential systems with invariant lines of total multiplicity eightphysics and mathematics 01.01.02 03.06.2016
11. D Automation of the process of computational linguistic resources creationphysics and mathematics 01.05.01 16.02.2012
12. D Lie algebras and invariant integrals for polynomial differential systemsphysics and mathematics 01.01.02 18.09.2008
13. D Computational analysis of business correspondencephysics and mathematics 01.05.04 19.06.2008
14. DH On linear and inverse quasigroups and their applications in code theoryphysics and mathematics 01.01.06 19.06.2008
15. D Optimal flows in dynamic networks and algorithms for their findingphysics and mathematics 01.01.09 28.02.2008
16. DH Algebraic and functional methods in the theory of extensions of topological spacesphysics and mathematics 01.01.04 14.06.2007
17. D The Topological Classification of Complete Quadratic System with Centers of Symmetryphysics and mathematics 01.01.02 19.04.2007
18. DH Intelligent interfaces for computer algebra systemsphysics and mathematics 01.05.04 01.03.2007
19. D A Web Content Management Systemphysics and mathematics 01.05.04 29.06.2006
20. D Lie algebras and algebras of invariants in study of differential systemsphysics and mathematics 01.01.02 27.01.2005

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