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Theses, that satisfy given criteria:
Nr. Dg Title Domain Specialty Approval date
1. D Analytic geometry of homogeneous spacesphysics and mathematics 01.01.04 11.05.2018
2. D Research of topological groupoids with multiple identitiesphysics and mathematics 01.01.04 22.12.2015
3. D Study of topological spaces with algebraic structuresphysics and mathematics 01.01.04 07.10.2015
4. DH Topological algebraic systems and its applicationsphysics and mathematics 01.01.04 08.07.2011
5. D Constructions of algebraic structures on compactifications of topological algebrasphysics and mathematics 01.01.04 31.03.2011
6. D Almost periodic mappings on topological spacesphysics and mathematics 01.01.04 11.02.2010
7. DH General problem on approximation continues mappings of topological spacesphysics and mathematics 01.01.04 20.12.2007
8. DH Algebraic and functional methods in the theory of extensions of topological spacesphysics and mathematics 01.01.04 14.06.2007