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Nr. Dg Title Domain Specialty Approval date
1. D Quantum dynamics in molecular dipolar systemsphysics and mathematics 01.04.02 25.11.2022
2. D Cooperative transfer between multi-level radiators at their interaction through free vacuum and cavityphysics and mathematics 01.04.02 30.09.2022
3. D Quantum behaviors of optical and optomechanical systems possessing artificial atomsphysics and mathematics 01.04.02 23.12.2020
4. D Study of metal-insulator transition in quasi-one-dimensional organic crystalsphysics and mathematics 01.04.02 23.11.2018
5. D The dynamic of nanomechanical resonator coupled with a coherent light pumped quantum dotphysics and mathematics 01.04.02 23.11.2018
6. D Adaptive-parametric modeling of some complex physical systemsphysics and mathematics 01.04.02 16.02.2017
7. D The effect of interchain interaction on the thermoelectric properties of nanostructured TTT2I3 and TTT(TCNQ)2 organic crystalsphysics and mathematics 01.04.02 15.11.2016
8. DH Phonon engineering in nanodimensional structuresphysics and mathematics 01.04.02 05.07.2016
9. D Quantum cooperative aspect between photons in Raman and hyper-Raman emissionsphysics and mathematics 01.04.02 25.02.2016
10. D Phase transitions through a metastable intermediate statephysics and mathematics 01.04.02 19.11.2015
11. D Phonon processes in graphene and silicon-based nanostructuresphysics and mathematics 01.04.02 07.10.2015
12. D Study of physical processes in crystals, thin layers of Cd1-xMnxTe and heterojunctions based on themphysics and mathematics 01.04.02 07.07.2015
13. D Effects of the tunnel and cooperative interactions in the systems with labile statesphysics and mathematics 01.04.02 07.07.2015
14. DH Stochastic processes of relaxation and fluctuations in cluster-based mediaphysics and mathematics 01.04.02 06.10.2010
15. D The management of transport properties in nanostructures using the phonon engineering methodsphysics and mathematics 01.04.02 05.07.2010
16. D Optical properties and quantum transitions with the participation of two–dimensional magnetoexcitonsphysics and mathematics 01.04.02 11.02.2010
17. D “Non-exponential spontaneous emission and resonance fluorescence between undistinguishable radiatorsphysics and mathematics 01.04.02 05.11.2009
18. D Resonance effects at interaction of two quantum subsystems”physics and mathematics 01.04.02 05.11.2009
19. D Collective properties of 2D magnetoexcitons interacting with plasmonsphysics and mathematics 01.04.02 26.02.2009
20. DH Double exchange and orbitally-dependent magnetic interactions in transition metal clustersphysics and mathematics 01.04.02 18.10.2007

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