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Theses, that satisfy given criteria:
Nr. Dg Title Domain Specialty Approval date
1. D Phase transitions and deformation aspects of Si depending on the loading conditions at the micro- and nanoscalephysics and mathematics 01.04.07 22.12.2021
2. D Specificity of plastic deformation of film/substrate coated systems at dynamic nanomicroindentationphysics and mathematics 01.04.07 23.11.2018
3. D Nanolamellate structures of layered semiconductors with advanced optical and photoelectric functionalitiesphysics and mathematics 01.04.07 31.05.2017
4. D Re-entrance superconductivity in nanostructures based on Nb and Cu-Ni – alloy layersphysics and mathematics 01.04.07 05.04.2012
5. D Epitaxy and physical properties of the structural mismatched thin films of chalcogenides and oxidesphysics and mathematics 01.04.07 04.11.2010
6. D : Superconducting properties of nanostructures superconductor/ferromagnet”,physics and mathematics 01.04.07 21.12.2006
7. D Low dimensional electron states and effects in the quantum tructures on the base of semiconductors IV-VI and bismuthphysics and mathematics 01.04.07 26.10.2006
8. D Microstructure and flux flow processes in superconducting MgB2 filmsphysics and mathematics 01.04.07 27.04.2006
9. D Peculiarities of Formation of Micro- and Mesoscopical Levels of Plastic Deformation of Crystals under Concentrated Load Actionphysics and mathematics 01.04.07 23.06.2005
10. D Influence of various external factors on microhardness and plastic deformation peculiarities of metals and ionic – covalent crystalsphysics and mathematics 01.04.07 23.06.2005