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Theses, that satisfy given criteria:
Nr. Dg Title Domain Specialty Approval date
1. D Adaptive hardware architectures for neuro-fuzzy systems with self-organizationengineering 05.13.13 26.02.2021
2. D Embedded solutions for measurement and control systems in fabrication and application of microwiresengineering 05.13.13 23.11.2018
3. D Embedded electronic devices for industry, medicine and the social sphereengineering 05.13.13 05.07.2016
4. D Synthesis of the systems with concurrent data processingengineering 05.13.13 18.03.2010
5. DH Performance evaluation of computer systems with descriptive restructurable stochasic Petri netsengineering 05.13.13 26.02.2009
6. DH The cognitive structural approach of creation of intellectual systems of image restorationengineering 05.13.13 22.01.2009
7. D Models and algorithms for the configuration of local area networks’ set of serversengineering 05.13.13 24.01.2008