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Theses, that satisfy given criteria:
Nr. Dg Title Domain Specialty Approval date
1. D Ab initio study of vibronic effects in molecules and chemical processes"chemistry 02.00.04 28.02.2020
2. D Synthesis and regeneration of activated carbons under microwave treatmentchemistry 02.00.04 11.05.2018
3. D The quantum chemical peculiarities of the intermediate reactions in the catalytic process of hydrogen peroxide decomposition with the participation of transition metal compoundschemistry 02.00.04 31.05.2017
4. D Physico-chemical aspects of the process of microbiological synthesis of iron nanoparticleschemistry 02.00.04 06.10.2016
5. D The influence of physico-chemical factors on the complex stabilization of young wineschemistry 02.00.04 06.10.2016
6. DH Transformations of nitrates, nitrites, N-nitrosamines formation and utilization of inhibitors in redox processeschemistry 02.00.04 26.02.2009
7. DH Physical and chemical aspects of interaction of inorganic glasses with chemically active gases and electromagnetic fieldschemistry 02.00.04 28.02.2008
8. D Evolution of physical and chemical properties of iodine fortified lipidschemistry 02.00.04 19.04.2007
9. D Specific surface properties of carbonaceous adsorbentschemistry 02.00.04 28.09.2006
10. DH The adsorption of surfactants and heavy metales on the carbonic adsorbentschemistry 02.00.04 28.09.2006
11. D Studding of Separation and Stabilisation of Anthocyanic Colorants from Aronia Melanocarpa chemistry 02.00.04 28.09.2006
12. DH Physical-chemical characteristics and processes in the systems waterparticulate material-bottom sediments from rivers Nistru and Prutchemistry 02.00.04 22.09.2005