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Theses, that satisfy given criteria:
Nr. Dg Title Domain Specialty Approval date
1. DH Theory and praxeology of the continuous professional training of the teaching staffpedagogics 13.00.01 24.02.2023
2. DH The Theory and Methodology of the Formation of Value Orientations in Adolescents and Young peoplepedagogics 13.00.01 01.07.2022
3. DH Scientific and praxeological bases of forming-and-developing university environment in the context of integrating scientific, academic, and extracurricular activitiespedagogics 13.00.01 11.05.2018
4. DH Theory and Methodology of Teachers’ Emotional Culture Developmentpedagogics 13.00.01 08.07.2011
5. DH Theory and methodology of the innovational transfer in high educationpedagogics 13.00.01 23.12.2010
6. DH Theory and methodology of gender educationpedagogics 13.00.01 01.10.2009
7. DH Teoretical-praxiologic bases of the efficiency musical-artistic education of pupilspedagogics 13.00.01 18.06.2009
8. DH Pedagogy Pedagogical Foundations for Integral Professional Development of Educational Staff and Linguistic Education of Studentspedagogics 13.00.01 18.01.2007
9. DH The Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of the Managerial Reform in Educationpedagogics 13.00.01 27.04.2006
10. DH Theoretical and methodological bases of education for familypedagogics 13.00.01 22.09.2005
11. DH Teoria şi metodologia evaluării în învăţămîntul universitarpedagogics 13.00.01 21.04.2005
12. DH Fundamentele psihopedagogice şi muzicologice ale educaţiei muzicalepedagogics 13.00.01 14.10.2004