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Theses, that satisfy given criteria:
Nr. Dg Title Domain Specialty Approval date
1. D Methodology of formation and development of information competency of professional school students through curricular and extra-curricular activitiespedagogics 13.00.02 24.02.2023
2. D Discursive Approach to the Literary Text in the Development of the English Communication Competence of Philology Studentspedagogics 13.00.02 21.12.2022
3. D The impact of modern educational technologies on the formation of pupils’ mathematical competence in post-secondary non-tertiary technical vocational education (future primary school teachers)pedagogics 13.00.02 25.11.2022
4. D Methodology for studying information protection and security technologies in higher educationpedagogics 13.00.02 30.09.2022
5. D Literary-artistic and linguistic education of school students through non-traditional lessonspedagogics 13.00.02 28.04.2022
6. D The formation of high school students’ artistic culture through fine arts (academic vocational education)pedagogics 13.00.02 01.03.2022
7. D Integration of Information and Communication Technologies in the teaching-learning process of biology within middle school education from Israelpedagogics 13.00.02 22.12.2021
8. D Initial training methodology of the professional competences of the chemistry student in an interdisciplinary contextpedagogics 13.00.02 30.10.2020
9. D Theoretical and methodological benchmarks for the formation of the theatrical culture elements in primary school pupilspedagogics 13.00.02 31.07.2020
10. D Impact of mathematics in the development of professional disciplines in secondary vocational educationpedagogics 13.00.02 28.02.2020
11. D Methodology of Digital Competence Development in the Initial Training of Language Teacherspedagogics 13.00.02 06.12.2019
12. D Development of the comprehensive reading competences based on specialized texts in the German language (from economic sciences profile)pedagogics 13.00.02 27.09.2019
13. D Culea Uliana The methodology of the pragmatic communication competence development in studying the Italian language by capitalizing on the media pedagogics 13.00.02 27.09.2019
14. D The methodology of teaching the notions of literary theory in the process of forming the pupil-interpreter of the artistic textpedagogics 13.00.02 09.07.2019
15. D Interaction of the methodologies of literary-artistic and musical education in the formation of the artistic-aesthetic culture of primary school pupilspedagogics 13.00.02 09.07.2019
16. D Formarea competențelor de comunicare în limba engleză la studenţii în Dreptpedagogics 13.00.02 15.03.2019
17. D Methodology of implementation of Learning Management Systems in the process of study of Object-Oriented Programming.pedagogics 13.00.02 23.11.2018
18. D Methodology of formation and development of students’ skills in the computerized training system (at the discipline „Artificial Intelligence”)pedagogics 13.00.02 23.11.2018
19. D Developing initial professional skills in computer science based on optimal correlation of mathematics and informatics contentspedagogics 13.00.02 23.11.2018
20. D Developing pupil’s creativity at the English lessons through strategy of problematisationpedagogics 13.00.02 23.11.2018

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