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Theses, that satisfy given criteria:
Nr. Dg Title Domain Specialty Approval date
1. D Ways and Means of Locating Community Language Abbreviationsphilology 10.02.20 25.11.2022
2. DH The computation of directional inferences in Romanian and French: a traductological approachphilology 10.02.20 01.03.2022
3. D Semantic and Pragmatic Study of Specialized Languages (English Lexicon for the Oil and Gas Industry)philology 10.02.20 22.12.2021
4. D Peculiarities of Oral Translation from English into Romanian in Academic Environment from the Perspective of Studentsphilology 10.02.20 30.07.2021
5. D The Specificity of Motion Conceptualization in English and Romanian: Typological and Discursive Parallels (based on the narrative text)philology 10.02.20 19.04.2019
6. D Thе еcοlοgicаl tеrminοlοgy in thе Rοmаniаn lаnguаgе. A lеxicаlfunctiοnаl аnаlysisphilology 10.02.20 23.11.2018
7. D The Text and the Actualizators of its multiple Reading in Contemporaryphilology 10.02.20 06.10.2016
8. D Multidimensional Interactivity of Using Informational and Communicative Technologies in Teaching Frenchphilology 10.02.20 25.02.2016