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Theses, that satisfy given criteria:
Nr. Dg Title Domain Specialty Approval date
1. D Elaboration, analysis and standardization of combined pharmaceutical forms containing isohydrafuralpharmacy 15.00.01 31.07.2020
2. D Repere legislative şi manageriale ale securităţii farmaceuticepharmacy 15.00.01 06.12.2019
3. D Technology, Quality, and Standardization of Dosed Powders Containing Spironolactone, Phenobarbital and Captopril for Childrenpharmacy 15.00.01 23.03.2017
4. D Species Cynara scolymus L. - source of new pharmaceuticalspharmacy 15.00.01 07.10.2015
5. D Optimization of community pharmacy services within the framework of Good Pharmacy Practicepharmacy 15.00.01 12.05.2011
6. DH The pharmacognostical study of some species of Asparagaceae and Liliaceae’s familiespharmacy 15.00.01 06.10.2010
7. D Contributions to the optimisation of high-pressure liquid chromatography method for its application in the pharmacokinetic analysispharmacy 15.00.01 17.04.2008
8. D The argumentation of pharmaceutical supply system of Army Forces of Republic of Moldovapharmacy 15.00.01 20.12.2007
9. D Chelidonium majus L. a source of new pharmaceutical formspharmacy 15.00.01 26.10.2006
10. D Analysis and standardization of some homeopathic medicinal formspharmacy 15.00.01 27.04.2006
11. DH Alterarea componenţilor principali stromali ai biostructurilor organismului şi corijarea lor farmacologicăpharmacy 15.00.01 27.04.2006
12. D Studies regarding the improvement of drug registration processpharmacy 15.00.01 22.09.2005
13. D Development of technology and research of the medicinal forms with extractive substances from seaweedpharmacy 15.00.01 21.04.2005
14. D Research of some (medicinal) plants used in the Moldavian and the Roumanian folk medicine; saponin-containining plantspharmacy 15.00.01 27.01.2005