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Theses, that satisfy given criteria:
Nr. Dg Title Domain Specialty Approval date
1. D Dezvoltarea capacităţilor de coordonare a handbaliştilor seniori în cadrul antrenamentului individualizat, în dependenţă de postul de jocpedagogics 13.00.04 23.12.2004
2. D Educarea culturii politice la elevii claselor licealepedagogics 13.00.01 23.12.2004
3. D Optimization of the competition falls to prevent accidents which affect the upper limbs at puberal judoka (12-16 years old)pedagogics 13.00.04 23.12.2004
4. D Pregătirea studenţilor de la facultăţile de educaţie fizică şi sport pentru activitatea didactică în cadrul cursului de culturismpedagogics 13.00.04 23.12.2004
5. D Associative sector – economical institutions of a democratic societyeconomics 08.00.01 23.12.2004
6. D Aspects of pre-surgery breast cancer treatment for organ preservationmedicine 14.00.14 23.12.2004
7. D Chemical characterisation of oak wood with aim to optimise its using in wine-makingengineering 05.18.07 23.12.2004
8. D Use of the magnetic forces in the orthodonticsmedicine 14.00.21 23.12.2004
9. D Estimation of norms and conditions of Noetherian property of perturbed singular integral operatorsphysics and mathematics 01.01.01 23.12.2004
10. D Pulse Anodic Dissolution of Macroscopically Non-uniform Surface with Artificial Insulationchemistry 02.00.05 23.12.2004
11. D Religious books in Bessarabia 1812 – 1918 (between tradition and tsarists politics)history 07.00.02 23.12.2004
12. D Biological and production characteristic of new pear varieties for Republic of Moldova.agriculture 06.01.07 23.12.2004
13. D The development of pedagogic thinking in Basarabia, period 1918-1940pedagogics 13.00.01 23.12.2004
14. D Polymorphism DNA sequence 12q24.1 linked to phenylalanine hydroxylase gene in population from Republic of Moldovabiology 03.00.15 23.12.2004
15. D The second stage traumatism of the face by optimizing the diagnosis and treatment of nasal bones fracturesmedicine 14.00.21 23.12.2004
16. D Symbols of some algebras of singular integral operators and the problems of regularizationphysics and mathematics 01.01.01 23.12.2004
17. D The Right of the Palestinian Nation to Create an Independent Statelaw 12.00.10 23.12.2004
18. D Modelarea conţinutului antrenamentului sportiv în perioada pregătitoare la handbaliste junioare I din cadrul stadiului de specializarepedagogics 13.00.04 23.12.2004
19. D Elemente de protecţie a mediului ambiant în predarea chimieipedagogics 13.00.02 14.10.2004
20. D The evolution of the educational school system in the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic (1956-1990)”history 07.00.02 14.10.2004

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