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Theses, that satisfy given criteria:
Nr. Dg Title Domain Specialty Approval date
1. DH General problem on approximation continues mappings of topological spacesphysics and mathematics 01.01.04 20.12.2007
2. DH Ethiopathogenetic, clinic and therapeutic considerations in juvenile chronic arthritismedicine 14.00.06 20.12.2007
3. DH The morphology of the extra- and intraorganic neurovascular apparatus of the hepatoligamentary complexmedicine 14.00.02 18.10.2007
4. DH Double exchange and orbitally-dependent magnetic interactions in transition metal clustersphysics and mathematics 01.04.02 18.10.2007
5. DH Politici sociale practice în sfera muncii din Republica Moldova în condiţiile globalizării(analiză politologică)political Sciences 23.00.01 20.09.2007
6. DH Theory and Practice of Economic Units Assessment under Actual Banking Requirementseconomics 08.00.10 20.09.2007
7. DH Theoretical and practical aspects on the procedure of recognition and execution of the foreign judgments in Private International Lawlaw 12.00.03 20.09.2007
8. DH Algebraic and functional methods in the theory of extensions of topological spacesphysics and mathematics 01.01.04 14.06.2007
9. DH Active precocious surgical treatment in prophilaxis and therapy of visceral affections in patients with serious thermal lesions medicine 14.00.27 14.06.2007
10. DH Functional endoscopic sinus surgery in childrenmedicine 14.00.04 19.04.2007
11. DH Strategic Cost Management (based on the data from the enterprises from the processing industry of the Republic of Moldovaeconomics 08.00.05 19.04.2007
12. DH Intelligent interfaces for computer algebra systemsphysics and mathematics 01.05.04 01.03.2007
13. DH The etiopthogenic aspects of primary multiple cancer of hormone dependent organs of womenmedicine 14.00.14 01.03.2007
14. DH Scientific basics of apple’s production for industrial manufacture in repeated cultureagriculture 06.01.07 01.03.2007
15. DH Substantiation of new approaches to strategic and cross-cultural managementeconomics 08.00.05 01.03.2007
16. DH Conceptul de roman la G. Ibrăileanu şi structura stratiformă a operei literare philology 10.01.08 18.01.2007
17. DH Pedagogy Pedagogical Foundations for Integral Professional Development of Educational Staff and Linguistic Education of Studentspedagogics 13.00.01 18.01.2007
18. DH Set expressions in the nomination system of the Romanian languagephilology 10.02.01 18.01.2007