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Theses, that satisfy given criteria:
Nr. Dg Title Domain Specialty Approval date
1. D Scientific thinking formation in students from higher educationpsychology 19.00.07 20.11.2014
2. D Legal aspects of the assurance of the state’s financial securitylaw 12.00.02 09.10.2014
3. D The legal liability of the state in the domestic law (historical, theoretical and practical aspects)law 12.00.01 09.10.2014
4. D Formation of the Intercultural Competence of StudentsPhilologistspedagogics 13.00.01 09.10.2014
5. D The argumentation of constructive and technological parameters of seeder ploughshare for the cereal cropsengineering 05.20.01 13.02.2014
6. D Forming decisional competences in implementation of innovations to managers of pre-university educationpedagogics 13.00.01 13.02.2014