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Theses, that satisfy given criteria:
Nr. Dg Title Domain Specialty Approval date
1. D The Byzantine prophetical visions in the narrative texts from the Romanian Principalities (XV-XVI cent.)history 07.00.02 22.12.2015
2. D Evaluation of microbial statusuli the carcases of cattle, sheep and pigs according to the conditions and retention periodveterinary Medicine 16.00.03 22.12.2015
3. D The prevention and combating of legal nihilism in the contemporary Societylaw 12.00.01 22.12.2015
4. D The Monumental Painting in Bessarabia and Moldavian SSRhistory and Theory of Arts, Cultorology 17.00.04 22.12.2015
5. D The effect of the remedy Apiphytostimulin on some physiological, biochemical and productive indices in periparturient goats and their offspringbiology 03.00.13 22.12.2015
6. D Biotechnology for cultivation of the source of antioxidants – cyanobacterium Nostoc linckiabiology 03.00.23 22.12.2015
7. D Psychopedagogical guidelines for Teacher Leadershippedagogics 13.00.01 22.12.2015
8. D Non invasive laser therapy in chronical inflammatory diseases of the cervixmedicine 14.00.01 22.12.2015
9. D The legal regime of automobile business Republic of Moldovalaw 12.00.03 22.12.2015
10. D Evaluation of simvastatin on oxidative stress in patients undergoing coronary angioplastymedicine 14.00.06 22.12.2015
11. D Simvastatin effects on systemic inflammation and major cardiovascular events inherent to coronary angioplastymedicine 14.00.06 22.12.2015
12. D Innovational marketing in the art-business: directions and opportunities of applicationeconomics 08.00.06 22.12.2015
13. D National Security of the Republic of Moldova in the context of democratisation of the society: political-informational aspectspolitical Sciences 23.00.01 22.12.2015
14. D Building Students’ Sociocultural Competence Using German Press Textspedagogics 13.00.02 22.12.2015
15. D Academic Underachievement of Contemporary Adolescents in the Context of Social Change.psychology 19.00.05 22.12.2015
16. D Peculiarities of diagnosis and optimization of therapeutic management in early childhood epilepsymedicine 14.00.13 22.12.2015
17. D High dignitaries of the Moldovan country during the reign of Stephen the Great (1457-1504)history 07.00.02 22.12.2015
18. D Optical spectroscopy of chalcogenide glasses (As4S3Se3)1-xSnxphysics and mathematics 01.04.10 22.12.2015
19. D Research of topological groupoids with multiple identitiesphysics and mathematics 01.01.04 22.12.2015
20. D Methodological benchmarks of educational software development and implementation from the perspective of formation the computer science's transversal competencespedagogics 13.00.02 22.12.2015

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