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Theses, that satisfy given criteria:
Nr. Dg Title Domain Specialty Approval date
1. D The choir church creation of the composer Mihail Berezovschi from the perspective of the Orthodox musical traditionshistory and Theory of Arts, Cultorology 17.00.01 28.12.2016
2. D Financial stability of economic agents under conditions of economic crisiseconomics 08.00.10 28.12.2016
3. D Corporate management and control of the limited liability company in Romania after joining the Еuropеаn Unіoneconomics 08.00.05 28.12.2016
4. D Clinical and biochemical correlations in ageing process of skinmedicine 14.00.36 28.12.2016
5. D Technology of obtaining strengthening nanostructured electrospark coatings on aluminum alloys and their use in the repair of machine partsengineering 05.16.06 28.12.2016
6. D Formation and development of managerial culture in the preschool institutionpedagogics 13.00.01 28.12.2016
7. D Differential treatment of kidney stonesmedicine 14.00.40 28.12.2016
8. D New Media and practices of online political communication in Republic of Moldovaphilology 10.01.10 28.12.2016
9. D The role of material evidence in criminal proceedings, PhD Thesislaw 12.00.08 28.12.2016
10. D Pedagogical value of fitness activities in the socialization of middleaged womenpedagogics 13.00.04 28.12.2016
11. D The peculiarities of causal connection in the components of infraction committed through inactionlaw 12.00.08 28.12.2016
12. D Stylistic reference points of the creativity by Vladimir Ciolac in genres of Catholic musichistory and Theory of Arts, Cultorology 17.00.01 28.12.2016
13. D Development of manufacturing industry from the perspective of investmentseconomics 08.00.05 28.12.2016
14. D Increasing the efficiency of treatment and prophylaxis of progression of uncomplicated acquired myopiamedicine 14.00.08 28.12.2016
15. D Surgical treatment of myopia and myopic astigmatism using the LASIK method with formation of ultrathin flapmedicine 14.00.08 28.12.2016
16. D Financing health care system in Republic of Moldovaeconomics 08.00.10 28.12.2016
17. D Financing small and medium enterprises in the Republic of Moldova: the specific of innovative enterpriseseconomics 08.00.10 28.12.2016
18. D Chronic amygdalitis with joint syndrome (evolutionary, immune-genetic and therapeutic aspects)medicine 14.00.04 28.12.2016
19. D Ticks (Ixodidae) of the lower Dniester river: diversity, phenology, and epizootological importancebiology 03.00.08 28.12.2016
20. D Psychological conditions of developing creative at the students of engineering facultiespedagogics 13.00.01 28.12.2016

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