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Theses, that satisfy given criteria:
Nr. Dg Title Domain Specialty Approval date
1. DH The molecular-genetic features of the neuro-muscular pathologies frequently encountered in the Republic of Moldovabiology 03.00.15 06.12.2019
2. DH The socio-political aspects of the formation and development of civil society in the Republic of Moldova: institutional and human dimensionpolitical Sciences 23.00.01 06.12.2019
3. DH A multidimensional approach to chronic obstructive pulmonary diseasemedicine 14.00.05 06.12.2019
4. DH The Leaders in the Dynamics of the Social Representation: Epistemological Foundations and Experimental Paradigmspsychology 19.00.05 06.12.2019
5. DH Erectile disfunction. Epidemiological, medical and social considerationsmedicine 14.00.40 06.12.2019
6. DH Moldova in context of international relations 1611-1634history 07.00.02 27.09.2019
7. DH Technological processes generating non-standard profiles of precessional gearengineering 05.03.01 27.09.2019
8. DH Etiology, pathogenesis, clinical features and treatment of the age-related cataract.medicine 14.00.08 27.09.2019
9. DH Improving treatment and prevention of the operated ear disease by reconstructive surgery (clinical-experimental study)medicine 14.00.04 09.07.2019
10. DH Sustainable management strategies in the development of domestic and receiver tourism from the Republic of Moldova"economics 08.00.05 09.07.2019
11. DH Management of risk factors surveillance related in cardiovascular premature mortality reduction in population of the Republic of Moldovamedicine 14.00.33 09.07.2019
12. DH Dimitrie Cantemir’s life and work (Controversial Issues)history 07.00.03 19.04.2019
13. DH Sосiаl rights оf а рersоn аnd оf а сitizen in the Republic of Moldova: constitutional guaranteeslaw 12.00.02 19.04.2019
14. DH Diffractive optics for optical and digital holographyphysics and mathematics 01.04.10 19.04.2019
15. DH Humanization of Myth in the Intellectual Prose of the 20th century: the Revealing of the Literary Phenomenonphilology 10.01.06 19.04.2019
16. DH The molecular profile of invasive breast carcinomas versus correspondent lymph nodemedicine 14.00.15 15.03.2019
17. DH Management of the anesthesic process of the geriatric patient in the surgical proceduremedicine 14.00.37 15.03.2019
18. DH Territorial organization of the local power in the Republic of Moldova: politological approach and reforming opportunities.political Sciences 23.00.01 15.03.2019
19. DH Toxocariasis: medical-social aspects; clinical-evolutionary manifestations; managerial and therapeutic conductmedicine 14.00.33 15.03.2019
20. DH Maternal mortality in Republic of Moldova: medico-social, demographic, management aspects and ways of decreasingmedicine 14.00.01 15.03.2019

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