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Theses – Philosophy, 2005

Elaborated theses [4]

Gr Title Approval date
D The organizational culture and its role for modern management 27.01.2005
09.00.01 - Ontology and Gnoseology
D The social intellect and its role in the assurance of a durable promotion: socio-philosophical and scientific aspects 27.01.2005
09.00.08 - Philosophy and Methodology of Science (with specification of branches of science)
DH Humanism in Romanian Philosophical Thinking from the XVIIth Century and the Beginning of the XVIIIth Century 22.09.2005
09.00.03 - History of Philosophy
D Hypostasis of effective communication on the level of the philosophical discourse 22.12.2005
09.00.01 - Ontology and Gnoseology