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Performance evaluation of computer systems with descriptive restructurable stochasic Petri nets

Author: Guţuleac Emilian
Degree:doctor habilitat of engineering
Speciality: 05.13.13 - Computers, computational systems and networks
Scientific consultant: Gheorghe Mişcoi
doctor habilitat, professor, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 5 December, 2008
Approved by NCAA on the 26 February, 2009


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CZU 004.03: 004.7

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255 pages


compositional operations, computer systems, descriptive expresions, discrete events, discrete-continuous processes, membrane systems, model compositions, Markov chains, modelling, Kronecker operations, performance evaluation, reconfiguration, restructuration, rewriting rules, stochastic Petri nets, visual simulation, verification.


The paper is dedicated to the investigation concerning the elaboration of theoretical and methodological principles, methods, models, techniques, algorithms and software tools for discrete-continuous modeling, functional verification and performance evaluation of parallel/ distributed dynamic reconfigurable computer systems for concurrent data processing.

Some aspects of architectural organization and functioning of computer systems are revealed; the identification of the methods, techniques and specific attributes for performance modeling of computing processes are determinated; also the principle compositions of stochastic Petri net models of these processes type was elaborated.

We present a labeled generalized stochastic Petri nets extension where the negative-places capacity and reversible arcs cardinalities are allowed to be positive or negative marking-dependent values of various type expressions for description of concurrent computing processes logical interactions. We have introduced the concept of descriptive compositional operations and expressions of Petri net models, on the basis of which we have elaborated a method for formal building of these model types.

It is proposed a method applying tensorial algebras for determination of global dynamic matrix of the continous time Markov chaine, underliyng of stochastic generalized Petri nets models that permits to gain in memory and calculus time thanks to reducing the time of performance evaluation of these model types. We have obtained analytical results for particular model cases and have elaborated algorithms for performance evaluation of some specific multiprocessor computer systems.

In this paper, we introduce a new methodology based on a defined nowel class of dynamic rewriting and membrane generalized differential stochastic Petri nets for performance discrete-continuous modeling of reconfigurable computer systems. The enabling of a transition rule not only depends on the net topology, but also depends on the net marking according to guard rewriting rules. With marked-controlled rewriting generalized stochastic Petri nets, we can easily and directly model mobile, concurrent and distributed systems that change their structure dynamically. The architecture and protocols of the specialized command-information LAN are developed. The technique for functional verification and productivity evaluation with Petri nets is carried out.

According to the proposed methods, algorithms and techniques, object oriented software tools were created and developed for discrete-continuous modeling, functional verification, visual simulaton and performance evaluation of parallel/distributed dynamic mobile reconfigurable computer systems for concurrent data processing with descriptiv-restructurable stochastic Petri nets.