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Security in the processes of development: analysis philosophic-methodological

Author: Bostan Ludmila
Degree:doctor of philosophy
Speciality: 09.00.08 - Philosophy and Methodology of Science (with specification of branches of science)
Scientific adviser: Teodor Ţîrdea
doctor habilitat, professor, Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 4 December, 2008
Approved by NCAA on the 18 June, 2009


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CZU 101.1:001+165.53

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security, human security, security, global security, survival philosophy, the philosophy of safety, security axiology, securitology, sustainable development, human survival, social-nature system, social-nature development, bioethics, biosphericentrical orientation, bioethical knowledge, Noosphere, noospherology, noospherisation, Noosphere consciousness


The work investigates interaction of two main issues: security and sustainable development, which until recently were studied in two separate areas of research based on the philosophy of survival. The focus of research is a process of development and social security of natural systems, as well as scientific knowledge in the field of security.

The Introduction encloses the actuality of the topic, the level of problem’s research, the goal and objectives of the work the methodological support, the actuality of the investigation, as well as the theoretical and applicable value of it.

The first chapter focuses on the nature and content of security, basic and specific form of the research, of history and conceptual changes, which have a direct impact on the development of society and scientific knowledge, it' s also disclosed the relationship of the human activities with nature, the biosphere through the social-nature security, as well as it is examined the conceptual apparatus of security as an interdisciplinary scientific concept that correlates, in particular, with the terms: “danger”, “threat”, “site security”, “subject security”, “process safety”, etc.

The second chapter presents the transition from unsustainable to sustainable development, which requires consensus-consolidation, adaptive-convolution mechanisms; noted also that any development can not solve global problems, but only a model of sustainable development a social-nature system is able to prevent the global „omni massacre”; the security issue is considered from the perspective of philosophy and propose the establishment of security and a new philosophy of scientific direction in the training methods of solving the problem of security in the world – securitology.

The third chapter of the work deals with the development of humanity for many generations, and present the co evolution of man-society-biosphere and security of mankind by bringing fundamental biosphericentrical principle in dealing with this crisis of civilization and the teachings of Noosphere as new science of survival, as a new streamlined look that will contribute to the existence of global sustainability.

In Conclusions and Recommendations a synthesis is made, mentioning that the analysis of philosophic-methodological development and security of social-nature system will contribute to its survival.