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CNAA / Theses / 2010 / July /

Determining structures positioned before and after the noun, in the poetry of Mihai Eminescu

Author: Kozak Maria
Degree:doctor of philology
Speciality: 10.02.01 - Romanian Language
Scientific adviser: Anatol Ciobanu
doctor habilitat, professor, Moldova State University
Institution: Moldova State University
Scientific council: DH 30-10.02.01-27.03.08
Moldova State University


The thesis was presented on the 24 July, 2010
Approved by NCAA on the 6 October, 2010


Adobe PDF document0.45 Mb / in romanian


nominal structure, typology, distribution, ante-position (adjectival/ noun), post-position (adjectival/ noun), semantic field, determined, determiner, stylistic and semantic analysis, lexeme.


Structure of the thesis: list of abbreviations, introduction, four chapters, conclusions, bibliography made up of 206 nominations, 150 pages of text, 4 charts and 16 tables. The results herein obtained are published in 8 scientific papers.

The scope of the thesis is Eminescu’s stylistics, poetics and semantics. The objective of the thesis is the analysis, from this particular perspective of the lyrics of Eminescu that contain lexemes (adjectival and noun) in the poetry of being, as well as the analysis of adjectival determinants of the noun.

Scientific novelty and originality of the thesis, and its theoretical significance. The lack of previous monographic studies referring to the ante- and post-position, from a stylistical, semantic and poetical perspective of the terms selected out of the semantic field of the human being, brings novelty and scientific originality to the thesis, as it is of interest both from a linguistic perspective (grammatical) and a stylistics perspective (expressive). Novelty also consists in the focus on the absolute frequency of selected adjectives and nouns and on their ranking within the poetry of Eminescu.

The theoretical significance of the thesis resides in the identification and classification of the noun’s determinants (ante-posed, post-posed and mixed) in discursive structures that contain terms we selected from the semantic field of the human being (adjectival and noun lexemes), focusing on the stylistic developments they achieve. In addition, analysis of the frequency of these determinants according to the adjectival positioning as to the noun is being done.

The applicative value of the thesis refers to the use of results for the elaboration of university courses of stylistics and poetry of Eminescu, as well as dictionaries of signs and poetic meanings, thus being also considered as a contribution to the current studies in the field of eminescology.

Implementation of scientific results was done in high school classes, within the excellence groups, i.e. students with high level skills trained for national school competitions (Olympics) and other various county and national contests.