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Analysis networks serving semi-Markov in the mediation scheme and approximation operations difusionale

Author: Damian Iulia
Degree:doctor of physics and mathematics
Speciality: 01.01.09 - Mathematical cybernetics and operation research
Scientific adviser: Gheorghe Mişcoi
doctor habilitat, professor, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
Institution: Moldova State University
Scientific council: DH 30-01.01.09-27.03.08
Moldova State University


The thesis was presented on the 9 September, 2011
Approved by NCAA on the 5 October, 2011


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queuing systems with semi-Markov input flow, the criterion of mediation, criterion of approximation difuzionale, the compensating operator.


This thesis is submitted to obtain a doctoral degree in mathematics and physics, speciality 01.01.09 – Mathematical Cybernetics and Operational Research. It was elaborated at Moldova State University, in Chișinău, 2011.

Thesis structure: The dissertation consists of: an introduction, four chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, a bibliography containing 104 titles, 104 pages of basic text. The results are published in 12 scientific words.

Study area: theory of queuing systems

The goal and objectives of the investigation: Developing algorithms for mediation and approximation difusionale for queuing systems with semi-Markov flow input of type [SM|M|1|∞]N and SMε|M|∞.

The novelty and scientific originality: Formulation and demonstration the principles of mediation and approximation difusionale of queuing systems with semi-Markov flow input.

Important scientific problem solved. Have developed algorithms for mediation and approximation difusionale of queuing systems with semi-Markov flow input, and namely for such networks [SM|M|1|∞]N and SMε|M|∞.

The theoretical signification: Results of the thesis received a theoretical significance in various fields of natural and social sciences, can be used in the study, analysis of various systems and networks serving of the real place where has the waiting phenomena.

The applied value: Results obtained can be used in various fields, namely, such as energy, economy, communications, medicine, social services, transport.