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Performance management in the context of university training of teachers. Doctoral dissertation in pedagogical sciences

Author: Dragu Nor
Degree:doctor of pedagogics
Speciality: 13.00.01 - General Pedagogics
Scientific adviser: Vasile Cojocaru
doctor habilitat, professor, Chisinau Pedagogical State University "Ion Creanga"
Institution: Chisinau Pedagogical State University "Ion Creanga"


The thesis was presented on the 16 December, 2016
Approved by NCAA on the 16 February, 2017


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CZU 37.0 (043.3)

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209 pages


behavior, motivation, individual performance, organization performance, performance management, leadership, quality, efficiency, improvement, organization culture


Thesis structure: Introduction, three chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, 223 bibliography sources, 145 basic text pages, 53 figures, 55 charts, 15 annexes. The results are published in 11 scientific papers. The research field: refers to general pedagogy with reference to performance management in the pedagogic context of university training of teachers in education quality perspective.

The purposeof the research is to conceptualize an excellence model from the pedagogic perspective of university training of teachers conditioned by an efficient management at individual and organization level.

The objectives of the investigation: specification of the concept of performance and performance management; the analysis of educational resources taxonomies and educational resources conditions; the elaboration of modal profile of the teacher in the perspective of performance concept; determination of development/increase factors of didactic activity performance; the development of psycho-social competences in students and of the learning self-regulation competence; the praxiologic substantiation of Synergic model of individual and organization performance increase.

The scientific novelty and originality of the scientific research isobjectified by by the conceptualization of performance and performance management in the pedagogic context of university training of teachers, theoretical-methodological substantiation of the Synergic model of individual and organisation performance increase integrated within methodological and management system, the identification of the factors and conditions that influence the performance and efficiency of the educational process. The major scientific problem solved in the research consists in the scientific substantiation of the methodological-managerial system of assuring students’ learning performance and of Synergetic model functionality validation in the perspective of optimization of university educational process of teacher training.

The theoretical significance of the research consists in: scientific substantiation of the concept, dimensions an approaches to pedagogic design/projecting integrated in the complex of managerial process of university teacher training; identification and definition of learning results and of didactic/teaching career competences adapted to a European qualifications meta-framework; promoting strategic coaching as a modern concept which determines the precise establishment of the objectives, the analysis of concrete situations, of force system, reflexion on the strategies to follow, subtle and effective action; the application of SWOT analysis in the elaboration of a strategic educational plan.

The practical value of the investigation consists in the empowerment of the specialized staff in the application of certain instruments that will assure the most objective measurements of the efficiency/performance of the educational act; the creation of function referential and activities models for the teaching profession which would guide career training process; the organization of some coaching an instructional phases referring to the development of (intellectual) skills, attitudes, psycho-social skills necessary for the teaching profession.

Implementation of the scientific results was realized on the basis of the course of the professional training of the managerial staff and teachers, the course of training Masters in Educational Management, held at Chisinau “Ion Creanga” State Pedagogical University, through conferences and seminars, scientific publications.