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CNAA / Theses / 2018 / June /

Bioethics in relation to the fundamental Christian values: theoreticalmethodological analysis

Author: Banari Ion
Degree:doctor of philosophy
Speciality: 09.00.05 - Ethics
Scientific adviser: Teodor Ţîrdea
doctor habilitat, professor, Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova
Institution: Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 26 June, 2018
Approved by NCAA on the 23 November, 2018


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CZU 608.1: 241 (043.2)

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150 pages


bioethics, Christian theology, value, Christian value, Christian, science, biomedicine, medicine, survival, medical act, physician, patient.


Structure of the thesis: introduction, three compartments, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography from 225 titles, 130 pages of basic text. The obtained results are published in 22 scientific papers.

Field of study: Ethics and Bioethics.

The aim of the thesis is to conceptualize and promote the connection bioethics - fundamental Christian value both in biomedical research and medical act, as well as in social practice. Objectives: toelucidate the fundamental concepts existing in the literature (philosophy, ethics, applied ethics, bioethics, theology) regarding the interaction between bioethics and Christian values; to establish the conceptual and methodological support of the connection bioethics - fundamental Christian value; to determine the space and the constitutive meaning of Christian values in both bioethics and contemporary society; to characterize from a structural point of view the fundamental Christian values involved in bioethical practice; to establish the accommodation elements of bioethics to the Christian religious factor and, vice versa, to bioethify it; to address the issue regarding the necessity of social bioethics in the interconnection between the ethics of the living and the fundamental Christian value.

Scientific novelty and originality. The scientific novelty of the thesis resides in promoting an overall, synthetic and interdisciplinary vision in the complex approach of the interaction between bioethics and the fundamental Christian values in order to determine their impact on the contemporary medical act. The thesis proposes an innovative structure and classification of Christian values, with a new philosophical-theological field - Christian axiology, thus distinguishing the theoretical instrument of its interaction with bioethics. Given the fact that in the local space there are certain deficiencies in bioethical knowledge and a crisis of the ethics applied in the process of administering the medical act, the author proposes mechanisms that have as support bioethical and theological landmarks, in order to achieve bioethics guides that contain moral aspects in different professional situations. The reason invoked lies in the fact that this problem is at present not just about the individual qualities of the medical staff, but also by social factors outside the hospital, which prove to be decisive in promoting the health of the population. The innovation of the paper is also that the author presents practical models for engaging ecclesiastical representatives in counseling those involved and affected by new medical possibilities, taking into account the irrational conservatism manifested by some representatives of the religious cult.

The originality of the study consists in the design and presentation by the author as a novelty of the methodological opportunity of social bioethics, the process of bioethisation and adaptation of bioethics to socium in general and to the Christian community in particular.

The important scientific problem solved in the research finds expression in the approach to Christian values related to the spheres of human activity and to biomedical activity. The emphasis is placed on the idea that the reason for the spiritual-moral crisis of contemporary society lies in the exaggerated secularization and in the sometimes subjective accentuated approaches of some Christian theologians towards new innovations and scientific practices, which allows the connection of Christian values with medical practice through the conceptual and methodological tools of social bioethics.

The theoretical significance and the applicative value of the paper consist in the realization of the study in medical activity, with an interdisciplinary tendency, dedicated to Christian values and conceived in the unitary framework of bioethics. This is expressed by: the presentation of the conceptual meaning of Christian values; providing a theoretical variety of Christian value spectrum in bioethical analyzes; launching the optimal vision of structural presentation of the Christian axiological framework; revealing the most obvious, at the moment, charts of Christian values involved in the bioethical analysis. The thesis contains an interdisciplinary theoretical and practical specific, which includes: elaboration of scientific studies in which the ideas presented in the thesis will be developed for solving problems in contemporary society and medical activity, for deepening studies in the field of axiology, bioethics, etc.

Implementation of scientific results. The thesis is a landmark in both didactic and practical activity, a solid support in medical activity and in biomedical research