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The impact of external assistance on regional development public policies in the Republic of Moldova

Author: Prisacari Maria
Degree:doctor of political Sciences
Speciality: 25.00.02 - Organization and Management in the Public Administration Institutions; Public Services
Scientific adviser: Mihai Roşcovan
doctor, associate professor (docent)
Institution: Moldova State University


The thesis was presented on the 10 March, 2023 at the meeting of the Scientific Council and now it is under consideration of the National Council.


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CZU 39.96:332.14(478)

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217 pages


external assistance, impact, development, public administration, public institutions, evaluation of public policies, regional development


Structure of the thesis: introduction, three chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography consisting 226 titles, 147 basic pages, 26 figures, 14 tables. The obtained results are published in 15 scientific papers.

Field of study: public administration, organization and management in public administration institutions, public services.

Purpose of the paper: consists in the theoretical and empirical research of the impact of external assistance on the regional development from the perspective of identifying methods of ODA efficiency in the context of reforming and improving the performance of the public administration in the Republic of Moldova.

Research objectives: synthesis of the historiographical and theoretical references regarding the study of the impact of external assistance on regional development policies; developing the methodological study; analysis of the external assistance coordination mechanism and the evolution of ODA dynamics in RM; identifying the correlation between EU assistance and the strengthening of policies and public institutions in RM; evaluation of external assistance role in the implementation of regional development policies in RM; identifying ways to make ODA more efficient in the context of implementing regional development policies and improving public administration performance; formulating relevant conclusions and recommendations on increasing the impact of external assistance on regional development policies in RM.

The novelty and scientific originality of the paper. The work represents one of the first complex scientific researches, dedicated to the theoretical-empirical analysis of the impact of ODA on regional development policies, highlighting the particularities and ODA implementation systems in RM. To streamline external assistance in RM, the author presented ways to improve it, derived from both the scientific literature and implementation practice.

The scientific problem solved resides in: scientific and methodological basis of the impact of external aid on regional development policies which contributed to the identification of methods to increase the impact of ODA and led to the formulation of conclusions and recommendations regarding the efficiency of ODA investments in the implementation of public development policies regional development in the RM.

The theoretical significance of the research consists in: concepts, definitions, theories, models, structural elements and conditions of rationality regarding ODA versus regional development public policies taken from the works of classical authors and modern researchers, analyzed and presented by the author. The theoretical importance of the paper also results from the synthesis of information based on the normative and strategic acts regarding the external assistance coordination mechanism that completes the state of knowledge of the researched field, as well as the solutions offered by the author regarding the ways to make ODA more efficient in the Republic of Moldova in the context of public administration reform.

The applicative value of the paper: the formulated conclusions and recommendations for the efficiency of ODA in the context of the regional development public policies, presented by the author, can serve as a basis for the competent state authorities and need to be applied in the institutional and functional activity of public administrative authorities in RM. The implementation of scientific results was achieved by: scientific publications on the research subject; implementing the methods of monitoring and evaluating and improving external assistance in the field of regional development policies within the activity of the North RDA.