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Hotineanu Vladimir, doctor habilitat, professorHotineanu Vladimir, doctor habilitat, professor

Institution:Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova
Adviser Number:9 November, 2005, nr.161
Specialties: 14.00.27 - Surgery

Approved theses [20]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Approval date
DH Clinical-functional efficacy of surgical treatment of benign biliary strictures 14.00.27 Nicolae Testemitanu State... adviser 30.10.2020
D The Quality of Life of Patients Operated for Liver Cirrhosis in relation to Surgical Methods of Treatment 14.00.27 Nicolae Testemitanu State... adviser 23.11.2018
DH Medico-legal analysis of admitted deficiencies in surgical assistance 14.00.24 Nicolae Testemitanu State... consultant
Baciu Gheorghe
D Clinico-morphological, epidemiological and surgical particularities of adenoma and thyroid gland cancer 14.00.14 Public Medical Sanitary I... adviser
Cernîi Anatolie
D Diagnostico-curative attitude in the treatment of volume formations of adrenal glands" 14.00.27 adviser 17.12.2009
D Evolutional particularities of the biliary lithiasis in patients with hepatic cirrhosis 14.00.27 adviser 01.10.2009
D The diagnostic and surgery management of malignant colorectal occlusion 14.00.27 adviser 19.06.2008
DH The diagnostics and surgical treatment of liver cirrhosis complications. 14.00.27 consultant
Ţâbârnă Constantin
DH Surgical sepsis. Actual trends in ethiopathogenesis and modalities of improvement of the treatment results 14.00.27 consultant 19.06.2008
D Surgical attitude above the focus of postoperative peritonitis on dependency of its localization in peritoneal cavity 14.00.27 adviser 14.06.2007
D Endoscopical diagnosis and treatment of complicated biliary obstructions with mechanical jaundice 14.00.27 adviser 14.06.2007
D Possibilities of contemporary radioimaging methods in diagnosis duodenal malrotation and its consequences. 14.00.19 adviser
Roşca Andrei
D Diagnostic and treatment aspects of the thymoma with myasthenic syndrome 14.00.27 adviser 01.03.2007
D Surgical tactics in reconstruction of colon at patients with colostomas in the ratio with morphofunctional peculiarities of excluded loop 14.00.27 adviser 21.12.2006
D Active surgical tactics in acute calculouse colecystitis 14.00.27 adviser 21.12.2006
D Surgical treatment of benign hyperplastical pathology of thyroid gland coupled with autoimmune changes in thyroid tissue 14.00.27 adviser 28.09.2006
D Tactics in diagnosis and surgical treatment of ampullary and majour duoadenal papilla 14.00.27 adviser 28.09.2006
D The surgical diagnosis and management of pancreatic pseudochist 14.00.27 adviser 27.04.2006
D Colon and Rectum Epithelial Neoplasia Diagnosis and Treatment Aspects 14.00.27 adviser
Barbacar Nicolae
D Diagnosis and surgical treatment of chronic calculouse pancreatitis 14.00.27 adviser 21.04.2005