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50 theses are under consideration, 32 of them are under consideration of the National Council

Under consideration of Scientific councils [18]

Dg Title Domain Defence date
D Scientific bases, preparation and performance of presentation for recognitionlaw 27.11.2015
12.00.08 - Criminal Law (with specification: Criminal Law, Criminology, Criminal Procedure Law, Criminalistics, Judicial Expertise, Executional Law; Theory of The Operative - Investigation Activity)
D High dignitaries of the Moldovan country during the reign of Stephen the Great (1457-1504)history 27.11.2015
07.00.02 - History of Romanians (with specification of time period)
D Flaps raised on perforator vessels of the leg in the treatment of tissular defectsmedicine 03.12.2015
14.00.22 - Orthopedics and Traumatology
D Technology of breeding of queen-bees based on the use of feed additives agriculture 03.12.2015
06.02.04 - Zootechnics and Technology of Livestock Production
D The Role of the Organizational behavior in the activity of the organizations in the Republic of Moldovaeconomics 04.12.2015
08.00.05 - Economy and Management (in branch)
under consideration Scientific councils [] [18]

Under consideration of NCAA [32]

Dg Title Domain Defence date
D Research of topological groupoids with multiple identitiesphysics and mathematics 24.11.2015
01.01.04 - Geometry and topology
D Optical spectroscopy of chalcogenide glasses (As4S3Se3)1-xSnxphysics and mathematics 20.11.2015
01.04.10 - Semiconductors physics and engineering
D Pedagogical conditions of training motivation to students in higher educationpedagogics 20.11.2015
13.00.01 - General Pedagogics
D Methodological benchmarks of educational software development and implementation from the perspective of formation the computer science's transversal competencespedagogics 19.11.2015
13.00.02 - Theory and Methodology of Instruction (on disciplines)
D Initial training of future teachers through the use of information and Communication Technologiespedagogics 19.11.2015
13.00.02 - Theory and Methodology of Instruction (on disciplines)
under consideration of NCAA [] [32]