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79 theses are under consideration, 71 of them are under consideration of the National Council

Under consideration of Scientific councils [8]

Dg Title Domain Defence date
D ”Comparative study on treatment of prosthetic implants with immediate, early and delayed loading”medicine 03.03.2021
14.00.21 - Stomatology
D Social marketing and application possibilities in health promotion ), 35 figures and 18 tables. The obtained results economics 05.03.2021
08.00.06 - Marketing; Logistics
D Reading as the means of existence for literary work. Theories of reading from the XXth centuryphilology 10.03.2021
10.01.08 - Literature Theory
D The pharmacological and toxicological properties of coptizinemedicine 17.03.2021
14.00.25 - Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology
D Psycho-pedagogical values of initial training of teachers for the education of tolerance at studentspedagogics 17.03.2021
13.00.01 - General Pedagogics
under consideration Scientific councils [] [8]

Under consideration of NCAA [71]

Dg Title Domain Defence date
D Biological control of weevils pests of agricultural cropsbiology 25.02.2021
03.00.23 - Biotechnology
D New inorganic and organic molecular inhibitors of cancer cells proliferation, the mechanisms of actionbiology 19.02.2021
03.00.04 - Biochemistry
D Approaches and Methods for Development and Optimization of Electronic Communications Networksphysics and mathematics 19.02.2021
01.05.05 - Informational systems
D Moldovan-Russian relations in the context of European versus Eurasian integration processespolitical Sciences 19.02.2021
23.00.04 - Theory and History of International Relations and Global Development
D Synthesis and exploration of nitrogen-containing 3,7,7-trimethylbicyclo[4.1.0]heptane derivatives based on (+)-3-carechemistry 18.02.2021
02.00.03 - Organic chemistry
under consideration of NCAA [] [71]