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Theses under consideration

Under consideration [19]

Dg Title Domain Defence date
D Work-force occupation among rural youtheconomics 03.09.2015
08.00.01 - Political Economy; Economic Doctrines
D Comparative study of morpho - productive features of swine of different genotypesagriculture 03.09.2015
06.02.04 - Zootechnics and Technology of Livestock Production
D Synthesis, study of ferrocene and porphyrin derivatives and their complexes with transition metals (Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Ru and Pd)chemistry 04.09.2015
02.00.01 - Inorganic chemistry
D Economic organization biochemistry and biophysics control management to ensure sustainability of healtheconomics 04.09.2015
08.00.05 - Economy and Management (in branch)
D The legal regime of automobile business Republic of Moldovalaw 04.09.2015
12.00.03 - Private Law (with specification: Civil, Family, Civil Procedure Law, Notary, Business, Informational, Private International, Labour Law, Social Protection Law)
D Forms of control on labor law enforcementlaw 05.09.2015
12.00.03 - Private Law (with specification: Civil, Family, Civil Procedure Law, Notary, Business, Informational, Private International, Labour Law, Social Protection Law)
D Intercontextual relations between Eminescu’s poetry and publishingphilology 08.09.2015
10.01.01 - Romanian Literature
D The Monumental Painting in Bessarabia and Moldavian SSRhistory and Theory of Arts, Cultorology 10.09.2015
17.00.04 - Visual Arts (with specification: Fine Art; Decorative Art; Applied Art)
D The Formation of Teachers’ Pedagogical Tolerancepedagogics 10.09.2015
13.00.01 - General Pedagogics
D The role of international regional organizations in the creation of norms of international lawlaw 11.09.2015
12.00.10 - International Public Law
D Optimization of dill and parsley growing methodsagriculture 17.09.2015
06.01.06 - Vegetable Production
D Modification of agro-physical properties of typical chernozem soil under the influence of crop rotation and fertilizationagriculture 18.09.2015
06.01.01 - General agriculture
D Folk medicine from Basarabia at the end of the 19th - beginning of the 20th centuries. Historical-ethnographical aspectshistory 18.09.2015
07.00.07 - Ethnology, Cultural and Historical Anthropology
D Evolution of small and medium-sized cities from the Republic of Moldova from the standpoint of economic geographygeography 18.09.2015
11.00.02 - Economic, Social and Political Geography
D National Security of the Republic of Moldova in the context of democratisation of the society: political-informational aspectspolitical Sciences 22.09.2015
23.00.01 - Theory, Methodology and History of Political Sciences; Political Institutions and Processes
DH The contractual methodologies of mandatory health insurance servicesmedicine 23.09.2015
14.00.33 - Social Medicine and Management
D Communication development of children with multiple disabilitiespedagogics 24.09.2015
13.00.03 - Special Pedagogics
D The efficientization of creation technology of maize homozygous lines (Zea mays L.)biology 25.09.2015
03.00.15 - Genetics
D The Chernoles culture in the 10th - 8th centuries BChistory 02.10.2015
07.00.06 - Archaeology