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Theses – Physics and mathematics, 2010

Elaborated theses [11]

Gr Title Approval date
D Almost periodic mappings on topological spaces 11.02.2010
01.01.04 - Geometry and topology
D Optical properties and quantum transitions with the participation of two–dimensional magnetoexcitons 11.02.2010
01.04.02 - Theoretical and mathematical physics
D Commutative Moufang loops and CH-quasigroups with finiteness conditions" 03.06.2010
01.01.06 - Mathematical logics, algebra and theory of numbers
D Obtaining, doping and investigation of the impurities' energetic spectra structurally perfect zinc selenide single crystals 03.06.2010
01.04.10 - Semiconductors physics and engineering
D Qualitative study of cubic systems of differential equations with six and with seven real invariant straight lines 03.06.2010
01.01.02 - Differential equations
D Deterministic and stochastic methods for solving extremal problems 05.07.2010
01.01.09 - Mathematical cybernetics and operation research
D The management of transport properties in nanostructures using the phonon engineering methods 05.07.2010
01.04.02 - Theoretical and mathematical physics
D Trapping and recombination processes of the non-equilibrium charge carriers in amorphousAs-Se and As(Sb)2Se3:Sn 06.10.2010
01.04.10 - Semiconductors physics and engineering
DH Stochastic processes of relaxation and fluctuations in cluster-based media 06.10.2010
01.04.02 - Theoretical and mathematical physics
D Epitaxy and physical properties of the structural mismatched thin films of chalcogenides and oxides 04.11.2010
01.04.07 - Condensed matter physics
DH Impurity states and defects in layered semiconductors GaSe and InSe 04.11.2010
01.04.10 - Semiconductors physics and engineering