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Social Problems of Local Public Administration Improvement (on the basis of sociological investigations made in the Republic of Moldova)

Author: Cornea Valentina
Degree:doctor of sociology
Speciality: 22.00.04 - Social Structure, Social Institutions and Processes
Scientific adviser: Gheorghe Călcâi
doctor, associate professor (docent),
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 9 October, 2008
Approved by NCAA on the 22 January, 2009


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CZU 316.354:351/352(478)(043.2)

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176 pages


Social institution, local public administration, public authorities, local community, region, administrative actors, region, social problems, social services, administrative capacity, human resources, financial resources, administrative behavior, efficiency, effectiveness, administrative instruments, perfection, development, modernization, social innovation


This thesis represents an interdisciplinary sociological investigation regarding the improvement of local public administration. The theoretical support of the thesis consists of various works relevant to the sociological approach of local public administration. The results of sociological studies conducted by the author constitute the empirical basis of the thesis of Southern Region. In the Introduction the relevance of the theme is explored; the object and the subject of the research are determined; the aims, the objectives and their methodological support are identified; the degree of the investigated problems is estimated; the scientific innovation, the practical and theoretical importance of the work are argued; the structure, the volume and the key words are indicated. In the Ist chapter Sociological Approach of Local Public Administration: theoretical and methodological aspects the concept of local public administration is explained through the existent theoretical points of view, and the social nature of local public administration is demonstrated. Also in this chapter references have been made to the institutional dimensions of local public administration in the Republic of Moldova, and ends with some considerations of methodological nature regarding the sociological research of local public administration. In the IInd chapter Local public administration's activity related to the requirements of the social milieu, the competence of local public authorities are presented, the ratio between local public administration competences and the nature of social problems is indicated. The next two sections contain an analysis of local public authorities’ administrative behavior through which is determined the degree in which local public administration value these resources. In the IIIrd chapter Perspectives on the Perfection of Local Public Administration Activities, is analyzed the thesis of modernization and its social consequences, evaluated the degree of local public administration opening to the application of the innovations in the administration of local public matters, revealed the opportunities, risks, and the endurance towards changes that bring the process of regionalization in the Republic of Moldova. On the basis of multiaspectual, empirical and theoretical study are drawn conclusions and elaborated recommendations to improve the local public administration, and are formulated theoretical and practical premises to adapt an eficient administrative behavior.