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Sistemul de asigurări sociale de sănătate din românia (Partcularităţi la nivelul judeţului Tulcea)

Author: Lascu Dumitru
Degree:doctor of economics
Speciality: 08.00.10 - Finance; Monetary Economics; Credit
Scientific adviser: Galina Ulian
doctor habilitat, professor, Moldova State University


The thesis was presented on the 25 February, 2009
Approved by NCAA on the 18 June, 2009


Adobe PDF document0.34 Mb / in romanian


CZU 368.4 (498)

Adobe PDF document 1.27 Mb / in romanian
175 pages


The National Agency of Health Insurance, The National Health Insurance System, standards of Methodological rigor, national fund for health insurance, health programmers, degree of an insurance covering, quality of health service, financing of public insurance of health


The purpose and the objects of this thesis consist in analysing the evidence of the National Health Insurance at a national level and particularly at the level of Tulcea district taking into account the elaboration of some efficiency measures that could be taken as the modalities of finance become more efficient.

On this ground , the author of this thesis aims at analysing the existing financial models at the European level in Romania and in The Republic of Moldavia considering the role of the alternative health insurances. This work attends to identify and to evaluate the elaboration and the approval of the health policy and the presentation of some indications viewing the definition of the methodological principles in mobilizing the resources of organizing the finance for The National Health Insurance working out the strategic directions for developing and improving the financial system. We consider that all these aspects confer the originality of the thesis and they also confirm the actuality of the research ‘ s theme.

In this work it has been made the presentation and the analyse of the financial mechanisms on the branches of medical services. A special attention was given to implementing The National Health Insurance in Tulcea district drawing up the attention to existing problems and the presentation of proposals having a budgetary-financial and general character for improving the system of National Health Insurance. In consequence, we sustain the necessity of maintaining a fund at the National Agency of Health Insurance disposal ,a fund that is to allow a continuous rebalancing at the level of district’s administration in present or Euro-regions in the future.

Within the framework of the thesis there are formulated a series of proposals concerning the elaboration of the health policy, the improvement of the National Health Insurance System giving a priority to the financial system ,the financial-budgetary-accountancy system and also to other fields from the health insurance activity :collecting health funds viewing the current debts and the past due ones collected as a result of foreclosure procedure ,assuring the proper number and structure of the medical services suppliers and the growth of the quality of medical services from the insurance ‘s system.

The conclusions and the recommendations formulated on this basis give the practical value of the thesis ,they can be used within the process of taking the decisions by the authorities from the system of National Health Insurance and that of Public Finance and they can also be used in reforming the strategy and tactics for the finance policy in the health insurance system.