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Romanian-english political relations in the period 1918-1940

Author: Fabian Denis
Degree:doctor of history
Speciality: 07.00.03 - World History (with specification of time period)
Scientific adviser: Anatol Petrencu
doctor habilitat, professor, Moldova State University
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 12 December, 2008
Approved by NCAA on the 23 April, 2009


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Versailles system, Versailles treaty, national states, balance of power, political-diplomatic alliance, alliance policy, occidental states, occidental powers, european powers, legation, romanian diplomacy, english diplomacy, french diplomacy, soviet diplomacy, international standing, bessarabian question, romanian foreign policy, english foreign policy, french foreign policy, soviet foreign policy, appeasement policy, security policy, reciprocal relations, intergovernmental relations, system of international relations, international relations, political relations, interwar period, British Empire, system of collective security, disarmament, guarantee


The work on „Romanian-english political relations in the period 1918-1940” is dedicated to an actual, but insufficiently studied theme. The studies published on this matter refer mostly to a narrow period, or strictly to the international problems, whereas the presentation of the whole inter-war period was left apart. The work comprises an introduction, three chapters divided into eight paragraphs, conclusions, general bibliography, annexes, summary and key words. So as to establish the historical setting of the relations between the two states we researched the documentary sources, most of them unpublished, which come from the Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania and National Historical Archives of Romania.

In the thesis for the degree of Doctor of historical sciences there is described the policy promoted by the Great Britain towards Romania in the inter-war period. The chronological frame of the issue was determined by two major events in the international history. The initial chronological limit is marked by end of the First World War, and the final limit denotes the beginning of the Second World War.

In Chapter I „The international context of Romania’s political relations with Great Britain after the First World War” there were reflected the Romanian and British concepts about European security. The analyses of the most important security instruments gave the possibility to trace out the English attitude towards Romania.

In Chapter II „Romania’s political relations with Great Britain in 1920-1938 years” there were reflected the consequence of the British action after the First World War and on the eve of the Second World War towards international position of Romania.

In Chapter III „The evolution of Romania’s political relations with Great Britain in 1938-1940 years” was shown the influence of British policy over international position of Romania on the eve of the Second World War.

After researching the documentary sources and scientific words we can say that the British policy had a negative influence upon Romanian diplomacy and a substantial contribute to political isolation of Romania on the eve of the Second World War.