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Cross-border policies of the European Union

Author: Moisescu Gheorghe
Degree:doctor of economics
Speciality: 08.00.14 - World Economy; International Economic Relations
Scientific adviser: Alexandru Gribincea
doctor habilitat, professor, Moldova State University
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 12 March, 2009
Approved by NCAA on the 18 June, 2009


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CZU 339.9.071.3(439)=135.1

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162 pages


International economic relations, European integration, expansion, durable development, sustainable development, action plans, financial instruments, demographic changes, human resources, cross-border policies, European neighboring policy, geopolitics, geoeconomy, macroeconomy, economic agreements, asymetrical risks, border security, gross domestic product (GDP), international commerce, migration, environment protection, economic interest areas, globalization, geostrategy, regional security, systemic analysis, scientific planning, cross-border areas


The issue of the European Union expansion and consolidation in the context of world economy globalization is a phenomenon studied both at the Union level as well as at the national governments’ level. The present economic crisis which has taken a great toll on the E.U. member states and the decrease by 2% of the economic growth determines the communitary leadership to find new forms of relating with the neighboring and interest areas. As a consequence of the research carried out, the author supports the necessity of adopting viable cross-border policies as an economic relationship strategy at the point where the Action Plans are accomplished and consolidated. The scientific innovation consists in identifying the problems in the cross-border areas with a view to stimulating the economic exchange, in analyzing the complex methodological aspects of the cross-border policies, aspects that are at the basis of issuing of the concept; the scientific innovation also implies both the systemic treatment, in the economic development, of the border counties and the issuing of the economic- mathematic patterns of the regional development in the cross-border area. Other aspects involved by the above mentioned scientific innovation are the quantification of the evolution of certain indicators in the E.U. and world economy prefigurating the commodity and services export adapted to the region as well as the issuing of the intramural pattern „The cross-border region România - The Republic of Moldavia”. The doctoral thesis has a very well defined structure that corresponds to the scientifically, mathematically argumented application of the Cross Border Policies. The conclusions and propositions refer to ways of action in the area of application and manifestation of the European Union Cross- Border Policies.