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CNAA / Theses / 2009 / June /

The influence of globalization on the growth of the Central and Eastern European countries competitiveness

Author: Dodu-Gugea Larisa
Degree:doctor of economics
Speciality: 08.00.14 - World Economy; International Economic Relations
Scientific adviser: Viorica Cărare
doctor habilitat, professor, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 23 June, 2009
Approved by NCAA on the 5 November, 2009


Adobe PDF document2.19 Mb / in romanian


globalization, Central and Eastern Europe, competitiveness external trade, exports, imports, foreign direct investment, GDP, competition, competition policy, enlargement, competitiveness indicators, cluster, etc.


The research "The influence of globalization on the growth of the Central and Eastern European countries competitiveness" will qualitatively affect on large scale the researches dedicated to the globalization process, underlining the growing influence of globalization on competitiveness.

In the conditions of global economy, economic growth and human development are in relations of interdependence from the international competitiveness of the country. At the international level, there is a strong correlation between the level of human development of the countries and their ability to be competitive in international economy.

In the conditions of globalization, as a result of trade development acceleration between the countries, foreign trade has become one of the major factors of economic growth. For the Republic of Moldova, which is a small country with weak home market and which depends basically on import, foreign trade becomes the important factor of economic growth.

The volume of direct foreign investments is the most dynamical component of the international economic streams. They change the essence of the international economic integration, the influence of competitiveness between the companies and national economies. Between the national competitiveness and investments as a whole, and straight lines the direct communication exists foreign investments, in particular. Thus, the competitive countries become more attractive to foreign investments, and level of competitiveness of the country is reflected in involved foreign investments, thereby there is a positive correlation between the involved foreign investments per capita and national economy.

In the thesis the author has proved the need to take over the experience of competitive countries from Central and Eastern Europe and namely through their example to create a favorable environment for the attraction of direct foreign investments, trade liberalization, and the creation of a healthy competitive environment. In addition, herein is estimated the globalization influence on competitiveness at the expense of using an econometric model based on the regression method, the identification of functional links between competitiveness and some macroeconomic indicators in the Republic of Moldova. In this context, proposals and recommendations that will enhance the competitiveness of the country are formulated.