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The international economical relations promotional strategies

Author: Ţâu Nicolae
Degree:doctor habilitat of economics
Speciality: 08.00.14 - World Economy; International Economic Relations
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 25 August, 2009
Approved by NCAA on the 1 October, 2009


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международные экономические отношения, стимулирующие стратегии, экономическая дипломатия, дипломатические миссии, международный бизнес, стратегии международного бизнеса, внешняя торговля, экспорт, импорт, мировая экономика, глобальный индекс конкурентоспособности, экономическое развитие, экономическая интеграция, международная интеграция, европейская интеграция, абсолютные преимущества, сравнительные преимущества, конкурентоспособность, глобализация, факторы производства, передача технологии, финансовый кризис, синергия, кластер, глобальная стратегия, международная стратегия, транснациональные стратегии, искусство управлять государством


Objectives of the perform research consist in the theoretical substantiation of the promotional strategies of the international economical relations, its deepening and supplementation in the context of enlargement of economic turnover of the global level, adaptation of the policy of „Infant Industry” and the theory of new trade theory to the oligopolisticaly policy of the development of national economy, propose the concept of international economic relations, specific and framework its manifestation, was identified appearance, origin and policies of diminution of 2008 financial crisis.

In this work was investigated in the systemic approach economic diplomacy as the modern system of settlement of international economic relations of the interstates level, there are identify economical and political standards, argued the role of economic diplomacy in the promotion of international interests and economical security. Undertaken analyze allow to identify on the base of gravitation equation important association, quantitatively large between the number of diplomatic missions accredited overseas and the level of registered export. This effect is special large for the country with out natural resources as is Republic of Moldova.

In the thesis are emphases the role, nature, organizational, strategy and structure of international business as a premise of internationalization, was adopted the transnational strategy of international business.

In the work are presented theoretical substantiation of the national competitive advantage in international economical relations, are evaluated national competitiveness on the base Global Competitiveness Index using the mythology of the World Economic Forum from Davos. In thesis are analyzed evolution, tendency and problems of the Republic of Moldova on the promotion of international economic relations. Have been identified promotional strategies for the development of national economy in the context of development of international economic relations. On the base of Solow neoclassical model are elaborated national economy growing scenario till 2020.

In work are elucidated Republic of Moldova prerogatives regarding provision of the competitive advantage in the international economic relations, are determinate national competitive advantage level on the base of development of wine industry. The work practical and application importance reside in the synthesis of attainment results, formulated conclusions and recommendations had been used for the Trade and Industry Chamber, Ministry of Economy and Trade.