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Organization of industrial ventilation with reference to tanning shops

Author: Guţul Vera
Degree:doctor of engineering
Speciality: 05.23.03 - Thermofication, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Gas and Electric Supply
Scientific adviser: Constantin Ţuleanu
doctor, associate professor (docent), Technical University of Moldova
Scientific consultant: Iolanda Colda
dr. ing., prof. univ.,, România
Institution: Technical University of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 19 February, 2010
Approved by NCAA on the 29 April, 2010


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local ventilation, harmful allocation, flying substances, maximum permissible concentration, protective gas stream, local activated system.


The dissertation consists of: an introduction, four chapters, general conclusions, a bibliography containing 167 titles, 12 annexes, 116 pages of basic text, 46 figures and 9 tables. The results are published in 12 scientific works and 2 inventor’s certificates were received.

The investigation area is the industrial shops ventilation. The thesis is dedicated to perfection of ways and means of ventilation for catching dangerous substances from flat diffuse sources and working out of methods of their engineering calculation that will contribute to improvement of working conditions and decrease in ventilation expenses. In the thesis it is argued the rationality of using the local activated systems for location and evacuation of the polluted air. It was developed and realized the construction of a local activated system installation. Theoretical and experimental researches of the local activated system were carried out.

The theoretical substantiation of the received results is executed with use of the Navier-Stokes differential equations system and turbulence model. The interaction of a flat air protective stream with movement of air at slot-hole is theoretically investigated in this thesis.

Experimental researches are carried out in the laboratory and natural conditions. There were obtained results showing dependences of intensity of allocation of harmful substances from a flat surface in time. The dependence of the expense of deleted air from aerodynamic and design data developed was received. It was developed the technique of engineering calculation. The local activated system was tested under production conditions and introduced on a tannery.