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The influence of the quality of planting material on the development and productivity of vine

Author: Cara Serghei
Degree:doctor of agriculture
Speciality: 06.01.08 - Viticulture
Scientific adviser: Nicolae Perstniov
doctor habilitat
Scientific consultant: Antonina Derendovschi
doctor habilitat, professor, Agrarian State University of Moldova
Institution: Agrarian State University of Moldova
Scientific council: DH 62-06.01.08-27.03.08
Practical Scientific Institute of Horticulture and Food Technology


The thesis was presented on the 26 March, 2010
Approved by NCAA on the 3 June, 2010


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Adobe PDF document0.29 Mb / in russian


Cabernet Sauvignon Cl R5, Cuttings, Grapes, Harvest, Productivity, Quality, Regeneration, Rootstock, Scion, Vines


The dissertation structure: introduction, 3 chapters, general conclusions, practical recommendations, bibliography – 188 sources of information, 6 annexes, 123 basic text pages, 35 tables, 32 figures. The obtained results are published in 12 scientific works.

Domain of study: 06.01.08 – viticulture.

The aim of research: Study of differentiated quality of cuttings, vines, hubs vines and elaboration of some technological elements to reduce the influence of this affect on viability and productivity of vineyard of clone R5 of Cabernet Sauvignon variety, in the southern part of Re-public of Moldova.

Scientific novelty of work. There were established the theoretic and practical importance of differentiated quality of rootstock vines on stings length and the scion cuttings with or without tendril in planting material production. For the first time in southern zone conditions of Republic of Moldova it was established the post-action of differentiated quality of vine propagating mate-rial on young vineyards development and productivity, and also duration of creation the hubs shapes of Cabernet Sauvignon R5 clone. There were established the ways of rational use of agro-technical processes that are related to vines preparation for plantation and foundation of vineyard that are homogenous in development and productivity.

Theoretical significance. The obtained experimental researches bring a significant con-tribution to the researches related to studying the influence of differentiated quality of rootstock and graft hugs on vines school efficiency, degree of clamping to permanent place, Cabernet Sau-vignon R5 clone variety hugs vines development and growth.

The applicative value of the research. It was improved the modes of rational utilization of the stock and scion canes, preparation of vines for planting and establish of vineyards with the purpose of increase of their productivity and durability.

The implementation of scientific results. The results of researches that foresee grafted vines production and also their plantation were implemented at JSC «Tomai-Vinex» in 2004-2009 years.