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CNAA / Theses / 2010 / May /

Criminalistical investigation of the crime scene in cases of burglary

Author: Gugu Aurel Ion
Degree:doctor of law
Speciality: 12.00.08 - Criminal Law (with specification: Criminal Law, Criminology, Criminal Procedure Law, Criminalistics, Judicial Expertise, Executional Law; Theory of The Operative - Investigation Activity)
Scientific adviser: Gheorghe Golubenco
doctor, professor, Free International University of Moldova
Institution: Free International University of Moldova
Scientific council: D 30-12.00.08-27.03.08
Moldova State University


The thesis was presented on the 7 May, 2010
Approved by NCAA on the 3 June, 2010


Adobe PDF document0.27 Mb / in romanian


burglary, algorithm, crime scene investigation, crime traces, criminal investigation actions, criminal investigation bod, specialist-criminalist, operative investigation team


The structure of the thesis: introduction, 4 chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography of 182 titles, 9 annexes, 152 pages of basic text. The results obtained are published in 6 scientific articles.

Purpose and objectives of the thesis. Purpose: analysis of the practical experience of burglary investigation, legislation, specialty literature and elaboration on this account of some recommen-dations regarding the improvement of crime scene investigation, as well as an algorithm of examination of the burglary scene. The objectives: to determine the development stages of the tactics of investigational activity and to analyze the publications on the topic of crime scene investigation; to elaborate the criminalistical characteristics of burglaries; to formulate the notions of crime scene and crime scene investigation; to establish the tasks and the principles that govern the activity of crime scene investigation; to analyze the existing problems of crime scene investigation; to reveal and interpret the typical drawbacks of the tactics of crime scene investigation in cases of burglary and formulate methodical, tactical recommendations to overcome them.

Scientific novelty and originality. The scientific novelty of the thesis is determined first of all by the fact that it is one of the first attempts in the Romanian area to treat multi-aspectually and in complex the problem of criminalistical investigation of the crime scene in cases of burglary. Its originality consists in the elaboration of recommendations with methodical, tactical, processual and organizational character to optimize this criminal investigation activity, including an algorithm of performing the crime scene investigation in burglaries.

The theoretical importance consists in the development of doctrine of crime scene investiga-tion, considering the positive experience in this sphere, the new opportunities of the Romanian criminalistics, integrated in the European Network of Forensic Sciences Institutes (ENFSI), the technical-scientific achievements worldwide, the modern exigencies of fighting criminality.

The practical value consists in the enhancement of the quality of the crime scene investigation in cases of burglary and optimization of the activity of revealing and investigating crimes in general.

The implementation of scientific results is attested as a theoretical- practical guide in the activity of the Technical-Criminalistical Division of the MIA of Moldova, the Independent Centre of Expertise from Moldova, as well as in the form of scientific-didactical material with the purpose of making more efficient the activity of the Association of Criminalists of Romania and the educational process at the law faculty of the Free International University of Moldova.