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Biological and production characteristic of new pear varieties for Republic of Moldova.

Author: Olga Pasat
Degree:doctor of agriculture
Speciality: 06.01.07 - Fruit Production
Scientific adviser: Ilie Donica
doctor habilitat, professor, Practical Scientific Institute of Horticulture and Food Technology
Scientific consultant: Ion Ţurcanu
doctor habilitat, professor, Practical Scientific Institute of Horticulture and Food Technology
Institution: Research Institute for Horticulture
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 16 September, 2004
Approved by NCAA on the 23 December, 2004


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pear, quince, rootstock, compatibility, ecological-geographical groups, diversity, correlation, period of vegetation, productivity, winter hardiness, drought-resistance, assortment, temperature sum, viability


In the dissertation were reflected results of investigation of biological and production peculiarities for growing of 64 new introduced and 84 created in the institute pear hybrids (breeder X.Dushutina), grafted to pear rootstock. 74 compatible with quince varieties and hybrids were studied the same to quince rootstock. Root arrangement, indexes of tree vigor, terms of beginning principle vegetation phase and their duration, production, fruit quality, storage period, resistance to principle pear diseases and pests, economic valuation of pear varieties production were studied. It was established that varieties and hybrids essentially differ between themselves with tree vigor that gave us possibility to select with tree vigor reduced and re-calculation of production for unit of crown volume, unit of square of crown projection and unit of square of trunk section gave us possibility to select a group of productive varieties and hybrids with vigor reduced for intensive plantation.. Terms of beginning of the principle vegetation phases of pear growth are connected with temperature conditions. It was established appearance of fire blight

Biochemical analysis of promising varieties and hybrids were offered. Good varieties and hybrids for long storage were recommended. Economical valuation of pear varieties production was given.

As a result of investigation 6 promising varieties and hybrids has been selected according to complex of economical valuable indices, from them have been passed to State testing. 2 hybrids with good compatibility to quince rootstock have been selected. Some varieties and hybrids have been recommended as potential donors of range of value characteristics.