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The reproductive strategies of amphibians: evolutionary ecological and ethological features in natural and anthropical ecosystems

Author: Cozari Tudor
Degree:doctor habilitat of biology
Speciality: 03.00.08 - Zoology
Scientific consultant: Ion Toderaş
doctor habilitat, professor, Institute of Zoology
Institution: Institute of Zoology
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 3 December, 2010
Approved by NCAA on the 24 February, 2011


Adobe PDF document5.42 Mb / in romanian


conjugal systems, reproductive strategies, acoustic communication, complaint signals, phonotactics, couple matching, r-strategy, K-strategy, reproductive success


PhD thesis in biology, Chisinau, 2010 (based on scientific papers published). The obtained results are published in 63 scientific papers, including four (4) monographs and one university textbook.

The aim of the work is to substantiate on the autecological and synecological level of integrity and detailed concepts of the nuptial systems and reproductive strategies of the amphibians in natural and anthropic ecosystems in order to determine the ecological and evolutionary features of intra-and interpopulational behavioral mechanisms of the species’ perpetuating. To achieve this goal were outlined the following objectives: to highlight species’ features of the annual cycle and reproductive strategies of amphibians, the establishment of the principles for the complaint signals production and their role in determining of the reproductive success and the achievement of sexual selection of the amphibians.

Innovation and scientific originality. For the first time a systemic approach to reproductive strategies of the amphibians was made and completed with: synecological assessment of the potential, effort and reproductive success of the individuals and their achievement according to the ambient factors; determining the specificity and the role of the acoustic communication strategies to achieve reproductive and sexual selection on amphibians.

Theoretical significance. It has been estimated for the first time, parental contribution, the reproductive success, the feature of the manifested strategies "r" and "K" of local populations of amphibians. The obtained data on the mechanism of the oviparity and of the fecundation of acaudal amphibians are essentially new in science and allow us to clarify and expand currently existing theoretical concepts about this subject.

Application value. Results of scientific investigations is a practical-scientific support for monitoring and restoration of the amphibian complex in the natural and anthropic ecosystems of the republic.

Implementation of the scientifical results. The obtained results were implemented in Reservation „Codrii” during , the teaching process of Tiraspol State University (Faculty Biology and Chemistry), Moldova State University (Faculty of Biology and Soil Sciences), University of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (Natural Science Faculty) and also can serve as a metodological and eficient support for ecology scientists in auto- and synecological researches.