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The study of the influence of some technological elements on Calendula officinalis L. producing capacity and quality

Author: Brânzilă Ion
Degree:doctor of agriculture
Speciality: 06.01.09 - Plant Growing
Scientific adviser: Grigore Musteaţă
doctor habilitat, professor, Agrarian State University of Moldova
Institution: Research Institute of Field Crops "Selectia"


The thesis was presented on the 16 September, 2005
Approved by NCAA on the 27 October, 2005


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Calendula officinalis L., pot marigold, technological element, phenological stage, full-blossom condition, yielding capacity, set method, optimal density, thining out, seed, inflorescence, optimal nutritional area, optimal sowing date, quality, flavonoids, polyphenols


The aim of the research carried out during 1995 to 2004 was to study some aspects of Calendula officinalis L. biology, improve the principal technological elements of growing technique in the pedoclimatic conditions of the Republic of Moldova to provide high, qualitative and efficient yields of medicinal raw material and seeds. The studies have proved the principal growth and development stages for Calendula officinalis L., their duration in the local conditions. A relation between full-blossom condition, seeds weight and size has been examined and the influence of the vegetation factors on its evolution during flowering period has been assessed. The influence of seed size on the producing and qualitative indices has been defined and a potential production of raw material and seeds in relation to the plant density at direct seed sowing and planting of seedling transplants has been appraised. Pot marigold seeds have been established to be characterized by seminal rest, wich allows their sowing in both autumn and spring periods. An optimal sowing date and nutritional area have been identified to yield raw material and seeds. The quality of medicinal raw material (Flores Calendulae) has been assessed in relation to harvesting date and full-blossom condition.