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The minority rights to ethnic identity

Author: Galiman Simona
Degree:doctor of law
Speciality: 12.00.02 - Public Law (with specification: Constitutional, Administrative, Police, Military, Financial, Customs, Information, Ecological); Organization and Functioning of Law Institutions
Scientific adviser: Victor Popa
doctor habilitat, professor, Free International University of Moldova
Institution: Free International University of Moldova
Scientific council: DH 15-12.00.02-27.03.08
Institute of History of the ASM


The thesis was presented on the 10 January, 2012
Approved by NCAA on the 9 October, 2012


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national minorities, ethnic groups, people, nation, minority protection, cultural autonomy, territorial autonomy, local ethnic, ethnicity, the right to existence


Sentence structure: Introduction, introductory chapter - " The preservation and the development of ethnic identity expression in Romania and Moldova" basic compartments - five chapters comprising 21 paragraphs and 12 subparagraphs, 162 pag. General Conclusions and Recommendations, Bibliography of 149 titles.

Number of publications on the topic sentence - results are published in 9 papers.

Scope of the study - 12.00.02. Public Law (Constitutional), organization and functioning of the law.

Goals and objectives: This paper properly defines the categories of national minorities, national minorities and ethnic groups, the right to existence and development as forms and methods prescribed by international law and forms of legal regulation of their rights in domestic law in Romania and Moldova.

Objectives: to analyze the situation and to study the degree of national minorities’ and ethnic groups’ right to existence and development in the scientific environment in the country and abroad; to identify criteria by which ethnic communities can be identified; to study the major characteristics of the national minority in Romania and Moldova; to analyze the situation concerning the protection of national minorities in Romania and Moldova; to study the regulatory processes for recognition of the rights of national minorities in order to make some suggestions to improve this process. Novelty and scientific originality.

In this paper, the visions and the conclusions express the criteria which a national minority or ethnic group must have in order to be identified in that capacity and the necessary criteria to be applied in each case when it comes to identifying an ethnic group. Important scientific problem that was solved is the highlight criteria that identifies a national minority, rights and guarantees available must be granted the existence and free development.

Theoretical significance and applied value -The issues that have been subject of the research concern the proper definition of national minorities and ethnic groups’ right to existence and development. I made an investigation of the issues related to ensuring the rights of national minorities in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The value of the thesis applies to following aspects: it was argued in terms of scientific categories of persons who are included in the national majority ethnic group, national minority ethnic groups and the rights they hold, depending on the group they belong. The national minorities' rights in Romania and Moldova were demonstrated. It analyzes the current state Constitution and laws of Romania and Moldova and scientific recommendations are proposed to improve the situation in the protection of the minorities’ rights.

Implementation of scientific results. The paper will be helpful in teaching science for scholars, Ph.D., and graduate students, and anyone who is interested in issues of protection of national minorities in Romania and Moldova.