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CNAA / Theses / 2012 / July /

The differential diagnosis and surgical ethyopatogenic treatment individually adapted of the Chronical Colostasis Syndrome at children

Author: Boian Gavril
Degree:doctor habilitat of medicine
Speciality: 14.00.35 - Infantine Surgery
Scientific consultant: Eva Gudumac
doctor habilitat, professor, Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova
Institution: Public Medical Sanitary Intitution Scientific Research Institute of Mother and Child Health Care
Scientific council: DH 50-14.00.27-27.03.08
Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 4 July, 2012
Approved by NCAA on the 9 October, 2012


Adobe PDF document7.72 Mb / in romanian


Chronical Colostasis Syndrome at children, Ethyopatogenity, diagnosis management and medical-surgical treatment


The thesis includes: the Introduction, 9 chapters, conclusion, practical suggestions, bibliography with 448 titles, annexes, basic text of 254 pages, 90 figures, 51 tabels. For the thesis’ theme were published 67 scientifical works, 6 inventions patents, 3 innovations elaborated.

Study field: Chronically constipated patients that have been liable to the clinical-Para clinical multimodal treatment for establishing the pathology and ensuring of the medical-surgical ethyopatogenical treatment that has been individually adapted.

The purpose and the work’s objectives: To establish the clinical-Para clinical peculiarities of differential diagnosis and adapted medical-surgical treatment ethyopatogenically adapted in CCS at children. To determine the risk factors and evolutive clinical-Para clinical peculiarities, to highlight the informative-diagnostic value of clinical-Para clinical examination methods; to elaborate differential diagnosis algorithm and the scheme of the disease’ pathology; diagnosis and treatment’s motivation.

Scientifical research’s methodology: The diagnostically-curative program was elaborated in the basis of the multidisciplinary evaluation of a lot of 2859 patients with the age of 6 months up to 15 years that had CCS. The studied groups were made basing on their age, pathology’s character, the specific of the differential diagnosis, and anesthetical-surgical insurance. The patients have been examined in a pre- and post surgical phases and at distance, the witness-group being made of healthy, similar by age children.

Scientifical innovation of the work: It estimates the informative-diagnostical value of the clinical-Para clinical general and loco-regional examination methods, proving the priority of the ethyopatogenical attitude individually adapted in the CCS’ diagnosis and treatment at children.

The theoretical meaning, applicative value and work’s results application:It was elaborated, objectively proved and recommended for practical application of differential diagnosis program and medical-surgical ethyopatogenic adapted treatment of CCS at children. The elaborated diagnostical-curative management allows the definitive resolving of the problem.