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Non invasive laser therapy in chronical inflammatory diseases of the cervix

Author: Botez Mihai
Degree:doctor of medicine
Speciality: 14.00.01 - Obstetrics and Gynecology
Scientific adviser: Ludmila Eţco
doctor habilitat, professor, Public Medical Sanitary Intitution Scientific Research Institute of Mother and Child Health Care
Institution: Public Medical Sanitary Intitution Scientific Research Institute of Mother and Child Health Care


The thesis was presented on the 20 October, 2015
Approved by NCAA on the 22 December, 2015


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CZU 618.146-002]+615.849.19

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149 pages


cervix, chronic inflammatory disease of the cervix (AICCU) PAP-test (cytotest BP), noninvasive laser (LLLT), therapeutic efficiency, diagnostic and treatment algorithm


Structure of the thesis: The thesis is exposed in 118 typing personal pages, copyright, consists of introduction, four chapters, the synthesis results, conclusions, practical recommendations, bibliography with 175 sources, and includes 13 tables, 8 figures and 9 annexes. The results are published in 13 scientific papers.

Field of study: medicine.

The study aimed to clinical assessment by PAP-test the therapeutic value of noninvasive laser therapy in chronic inflammatory condition of the cervix and alternative reasoning algorithm of conduct.

Research objectives: consists in the possibility of rapid assessment of medical aspects of women's health, ambulatory assessment through PAP-test of AICCU incidence, treatment with laser therapy invasive, painless and prolonged stop in conditions of maximum efficiency and without side effects, including with reference to the cost / benefit and increase the quality of life of women.

Scientific novelty: AICCU incidence evaluation methods under a simple, effective diagnosis and treatment (cytotest BP / LLLT), internationally recognized to treat with non-invasive laser method chronic gynecopathies, the proposed method to be extrapolated to larger populations, and outpatients, through a standard maneuver.

Scientific problemaddressed in this thesis was to use non-invasive laser therapy in chronic inflammatory diseases of the cervix with constant sampling, PAP-test is mandatory and allows drawing algorithm for diagnosis and treatment.

Theoretical. The study allowed the optimization algorithm standardized diagnostic and therapeutic conduct and use of laser noninvasive in outpatient AICCU without major cost, large groups of chronical cervix uteri patients and even large populations of affected women.

The value of the work. The results of the study complements specialized medical knowledge with respect to onset, evolution and diagnosis and treatment of non-invasive laser therapy AICCU with attitude in ambulatory currently unused. And about wide use of the proposed algorithm has reduced drastically limiting AICCU and neoplastic type processes.

Implementation of scientific results. The findings were implemented in Themis-Art Medical Center (Iassy), Municipal Hospital Sighetu Marmaţiei, III - University Department of Gynaecology - Iassy from Romania and Moldova Institute of Mother and Child.